Climate crisis/weather 

@erikostrom That's a great use of the day!

Climate crisis/weather 

I feel a little bad, but it is such a gorgeous day out! I'm biking around all afternoon in NE and visiting makers markets.

With the sun and warmer temps today, I rode my non-winter bike today. It's so much nicer to ride!

I'm buying a new winter bike that I actually like and fits me after this season.


The Our Streets DJ group ride was fun! I was not dressed warm enough for much of it 🥶

We joined in just enough time to ask if you'd like to join the Streets.MN board. We've extended applications to give busy folks a few more days to apply to November 23rd.

Curious who we are and what we're about? Join us at Arbiter from 6-8pm on Tuesday November 22. First round is on us!

Read more here, and feel free to DM if you have further questions:

Mastodon, welcome to The War on Cars!

This is the official account of the podcast.

We're not yet sure how we'll use this space. In the meantime, if you want to stay on top of the latest news and episode releases please support us on Patreon:

You can also follow us on Apple Podcasts:

Stay tuned for more...

Ope, it sounds like they're cutting into the ceiling or something now. 😳

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@jebr @mikeseye I can only really be engaged in 1-2 at a time. Sometimes I share things straight copy-pasted from one to another, but I feel bad. It's even worse if there are overlaps of people who are in them!

Maintenance people have come into my apartment twice this morning. The unit below has a hole from water damage in the ceiling, but my bedroom radiator isn't leaking. Some morning excitement! 🤪

Looking at the weather, this might be the last day of my non-winter bike of the year 🥲 Snow tomorrow!

I was just called a "unit king" for CSS units at work 😆

I feel like it's just a matter of when for Twitter. Either go bankrupt or crash so hard they can't recover the platform because no one knows how it works anymore.

@g135 I just biked home, it's real chilly out there, especially heading west into the wind!

If anyone is into DJ sets, this Memba Diwali Mix from a couple weeks ago is so good!

@ewankeep Nice to meet you! That's great, the more friends, the better 😄

@ryanmr We must follow each other on every single platform and every account! 👋😆

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