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It’s a moonlit night
Clear stars surround a feather moon
A white wolf appears in the distance
You are drawn to follow

When you reach the wolf it vanishes
Replaced by a glowing sword
You reach down and grasp the handle
You test its perfect balance

You’re a lesbian now,
I don’t make the rules

Anti-choice protesters always hold a big protest at Planned Parenthood on Good Friday. So we hold a rally! If you have some time (especially between 10-3) tomorrow, please consider stopping by to show your support.

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Picking up these insane self-striping skeins was pretty helpful to my mindset this weekend as well.

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your butt got you through another tough week


give it a gentle pat to say thank you

Kyrie volunteered to be my lap heater while I plod through Michael’s birthday socks.

In therapy, I work a lot on accepting the experience of having contradictory feelings. This snow is definitely an exercise in this acceptance. It’s beautiful and I’m furious.

“Instead, the team is taking the opposite approach, providing little guaranteed parking nearby to the stadium, and encouraging fans to take alternative modes to the stadium.”

I like this article about getting to the soccer games at Allianz Field. Very transit-positive and encouraging exploration of other businesses in the neighborhood.

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Seriously, your toots about your progress or adventures or just your feeling-good-about-yourself days? Those make my day.

Yes, you. Even if you think it's a baby step. Even if you think it's not remotely newsworthy.

It's good news for you. And I am happy for you.

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stop what you're doing RIGHT. NOW. look at this pollen-covered honey bee what a dumbass. she has so much food on her! she has successfully harvested so MUCH!!! I LOVE HER!!!!

No sign yet of the 300+ bulbs we planted last year, but this resident crocus is on the job.

Note: Teasource’s decaf Earl Grey makes a very good London Fog when steeped in half coconut milk/half water. Teeny splash of vanilla to finish.

I just finished a VERY long email to the “garden coach” who is coming to my house from Mother Earth Gardens next week. If anyone wants to see the videos I sent her from last year, they live here:

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