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ME: Okay I need one of my ten spare micro-usb cables

MICRO-USB CABLES: *hide from sight, giggling*


ME (5 mins later): okay I have a working alternative

MICRO-USB CABLES (spontaneously parading across my bed): HI THERE ARE TWENTY OF US NOW

This has many excellent points applicable to life under capitalism, but this sentence especially stood out to me for future pondering: “Being a good friend doesn’t mean adhering to your friend’s ideal of a good friend. It means devising your own ideal, and then applying it to friends who share that ideal.”

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Quick, The Mods are awake. Now's the time to thank them for their labour in helping maintain a nice enviroment.

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I finished this sleeve last night and am 7” into the next one. I cannot WAIT to wear this sweater.

Cocoa shell “tea” doesn’t taste like much, but it smells so fucking amazing it’s pretty much worth it.

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"There’s another kind of magic in saying no for no real reason at all. You don’t have to stay in constant motion every hour of every day. Your time is yours, for working and resting, and sometimes, too, for just enjoying the warmth of the sun on your face."


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"We live in capitalism. Its power seems inescapable. So did the divine right of kings. Any human power can be resisted and changed by human beings." - Ursula K LeGuin

Good morning comrades. If you're feeling down, if you're feeling like the spiral we're in it's inevitable and unending, remember: that thinking serves the neoliberal establishment. No act of resistance is too large or too small.

Do something kind and subversive today. Do something that trades in the ineffable.

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Oh, fun! A Valentine's poem that rhymes in both Dutch and English! Let's listen in, shall we?

Viooltjes zijn rood,
Rozen zijn blauw,
Ik ben een beetje dronken
maar ik hou van jou!

Violets are red,
roses are blue,
I'm a little drunk
but I love you.

Your friendly neighborhood sexual health clinic is expected to lose Title X funding on April 1, so if you or anyone you know has been putting off a visit, time to get on that.

These teeny footprints are making me feel bad for forgetting to fill the bird feeder.

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Tarot isn't real but neither is money nor Minecraft blocks nor cartoon characters so it doesn't matter that it isn't real

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psa to everyone: please put captions on your photos and videos you post. it's great for people who use screen readers.

for me personally, videos/gifs don't load on my computer anymore unless I specifically open the link in chrome (gross) or download them, so it helps me know what is in a video when it's a punchline to a joke or something.

help everyone enjoy your toots!!

@Jennybellium I go through phases where I want to play with expensive face goop (and I’ll defend my right to fancy Korean sunscreen with a pitchfork, if necessary). Life hack: Sephora will give you three samples for free if you go in and tell them you want to try a few things. This includes little pots of $150/.5oz goop, enough to last a couple of weeks each! And you can then go back and try other stupid-expensive goops, repeat until novelty wears off.
@hfrazey @t54r4n1 @nicepersonality

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i'm always so excited for all the good things happening to all of you. i'm reaching new heights of warmth and sincerity. i'm shattering the scale of genuine hype. i'm leaving greasy fingerprints on screen where the exclamation mark is on my keyboard

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I would say "I'm 100% sure it's CAPITALISM". Cause the only dream I have is the destruction of #CAPITALISM! So…

#meme #anticapitalism

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Good morning everyone! I hope your today is better than your yesterday!

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hey look, as bisexuals, we'd all prefer not to be attracted to men, but unfortunately that's not how it works

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