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Can I interest you fine geeks in the #BrokenEarth trilogy by #NKJemisin? If you like one or more of these:

- A well-told, fast-paced epic tale in a finished trilogy
- A sympathetic and complex cast of characters
- Most of whom are WOC including a Black leading woman
- An original world that feels like a living, breathing place
- A thoughtful treatment of race, oppression and abuse
- Queer folx galore

Then boy are you in for a treat.

If anyone has a favorite thing to do/see/eat in Taos, New Mexico, please tell me about it.

I bought more plants than I meant to, but between having such fun working with Michael all day and the two neighbors who expressed appreciation for our efforts, I can’t even be a little bit sorry.

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It's such a fucking farce in the first place, not like that third-grader is working overnights at FedEx to afford lunch - you are charging their *parents*.

And we already have a sophisticated system of having adults pay to educate our children. We call it "taxes"

I signed up for a class! Now I can spend the next six weeks wondering exactly what “advanced beginner” means and imagining how badly I can embarrass myself over the course of two afternoons.

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Clearing up the winter debris, preparing the veggie patch for the plants I will bring home from the Friends School Sale on Saturday. It’s so lovely out here. It’s hard work but I love it so much.

I agreed to wait until May 1st to start cleaning up the garden, so overwintering pollinators would have a chance to thaw out and move on. Then I had to work on the 1st and 2nd, so today was finally the day! There’s so much work to do, and I am HERE for it. Let’s observe how sore I am in the morning, shall we?

Twin Cities friends, HMU if you want a vigorous, prolific hops plant for your effortless shady climbing-thing needs. I don’t brew, and she’s shading out my veggie patch, so it is time for us to part ways.

I just ~stepped closer~ to a stranger in a ~dilapidated van~ on my walk home ~in the dark~ because the dude trying to talk to me looked, for a split second, like my former best friend who I’ve not spoken to in eight years.

I would truly consider it a personal favor if you would treat yourself with a little more kindness than usual tonight.

Yes, you.

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I’m in my third recovery position, trying to surface from that episode of . Smudge is very uncomfortable with the Atmosphere in this room.

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"if i take your race away, and there you are, all strung out and all you got is your little self... and what is that? what are you without racism? are you any good? are you still strong? you still smart? you still like yourself? [...] if you can only be tall because someone's on their knees then you have a serious problem. my feeling is white people have a very, very serious problem. and THEY should start thinking about what THEY can do about it."

-toni morrison

It is chilly at this soccer game, but it’s nice to be absorbed by something that doesn’t really matter for a couple of hours a week. :loon:

Today in Fun With Municipal Services, I found myself delighted with the cool design of the street sweepers themselves, and the choreography of the team working with them. Sometimes it’s fun to see Tax Dollars At Work.

I am way too tired to have a good attitude about unpicking this stupid sewn bind off.

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