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It’s time for an ! Hello, my name is Cyan and I’m from TX. I’m a former Katie and I never thought I’d say it but I miss the snow :knitting:

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I wrote up a blogpost about how we handled our last hire. I really think more orgs and companies should do the same and pay people for their time when they are required to do extensive interviewing for a position.

I’ve had an entire wardrobe planned since last fall I will not be disappointed in my fit game this year

Nobody asked but if you’re curious, Minnesota is a lot like Dallas

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My last time coming home to Gary on his own, before the other humans return this evening.

Crazy Ex Girlfriend but she doesn’t earn her friend’s trust again 🥺

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I was a freshman for six years lmao

To answer my earlier question, yes they are still a thing AND they’re holding tryouts

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I loved telling people I was going to school in Minnesota and they ask what that is

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A community centered on the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, and their surrounding region. Predominantly queer with a focus on urban and social justice issues.