highly recommend "A Frog he would A-wooing go" as a nursery rhymes. Take whatever verses you feel like memorizing from https://wordsforlife.org.uk/activities/frog-he-would-wooing-go/ , for an example of a way to sing it check out https://youtu.be/crKVBlfAGlU . There are of 1800s phrases to keep your tired brain awake, and its super long and meandering so the kid gets less bored. The frog remembering to take his opera hat with him when he flees the violence is my favorite bit.

This Offbook song was so good, I had to clip it from the podcast and share. The fact that they were able to improvise, harmonize AND work in a key change in this silly ballad about email best practices is incredible.

Potential future tragedy? 

Fire alarm is going off again. It’s loud and annoying. Not going anywhere cause it just does this every few months. If there’s ever a real fire I feel like it’ll be a boy who cried wolf situation.

I think I’m not naturally a curious person. 9/10 times it doesn’t occur to me to look something up that I just saw or read, to learn more. That instinct to follow up, to dig deeper, it impresses me sometimes because I usually don’t have it.

I hope they don’t really reboot Quantum Leap. It’s one of my favorite shows in all the world; seriously you don’t even know. Don’t break it. I try not to be negative about things like that from the outset but, I mean, please don’t break it!

I tend to keep a bunch of non-perishable stuff around, detergent, trash bags etc., so I don’t have to shop for them again for a long time. But the thing with that is, I never anticipate running low on that stuff. And when I do, it catches me totally and completely off guard.


Do I live in some kind of magical grocery utopia? I see all these photos/stories of empty shelves in places and it does not match my experience at all since April 2020. I've had to make a few substitutions like "they didn't have ricotta so i got marscapone", but that's honestly the most my grocery shopping has been disrupted during this era of ~Shortages~

I’ve been crawling around under the table messing with cords and wires, trying to figure out why some things don’t work, while also trying not to break the things that do work.

Didn’t know WatchMojo still existed. If you don’t know, they’re a YouTube channel that does top 10 lists on most anything. I was a big fan, but that was maybe five years ago and then I sort of drifted away. But they’re still here doing their thing. Cool.

Maybe I should learn what’s what when it comes to the zodiac, so I know what people mean when they say things like, oh that’s just like a Virgo. Yesterday I was told I don’t give off Taurus energy even though I’m a Taurus. Maybe I’m missing out.

I just need to talk about how lucky I am to have heat! It’s cold as hell and this place is more than warm. That wasn’t always the case. The magnitude of that is just,… it’s one of the many moments when I feel like one of the most privileged humans ever to have walked this earth.

When I woke up it was 7:11! Wow, after 7. That’s unusual. But not bad.

The elevator in my building works again! It was busted for about a month, and I’m on the top floor! It doesn’t ding between floors anymore though. Gonna miss that.

I listen to a fair amount of radio, but most of it is from places that aren’t here. I figure if I’m doing the digital thing, why stay in my own backyard? But I think most of that was because I didn’t have a terrestrial radio years ago. I now have three of them.


I downloaded a bunch of podcasts when I was in Pittsburgh and now I’m getting ads in them for Giant Eagle. That’s kinda neat.

Choir just moved back to zoom practice and oh wow I couldn’t be happier about it! Might be the only one though. I really, really like choir, I do, but it was cold in that garage. God I could get used to this virtual model.

Local mutual aid 

OAA has been helping the unhoused population in Omaha, especially a group whose encampment was bulldozed this week (in frigid temps/subzero windchill). We've been trying to get people into shelters + hotel rooms and to distribute warm clothes and hot meals, but someone froze to death downtown last night.

They'd appreciate any $ you have to spare for people in a city/state that doesn't get a lot of attention.


For any blind folks interested, I just got recruited to do a survey for blind iPhone or Samsung users. There is an $80 Amazon gift card as compensation. Figured I’d drop it here.


yeah definitely creating a playlist will make me want to work once it's done
for sure

Imagine being a fan of the Spider-
Man comic books who just awoke from a Rip Van Winkle slumber to learn that

a) There is a popular Spider-Man movie currently in theaters
b) It's the "third" in a series, but
c) To have complete context on the characters and storylines would require watching 16 earlier movies and 2 TV series

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