lmao just saw a church message board that said "Moses was the first person to download files from the cloud onto a tablet"

I'm grateful to live in an area where I don't have to worry about how much electricity I use and when.

me: noo you have to have conservation of detail. you can't have things show up if they're not going to be significant later. events in the narrative have to serve the needs of the plot... please....

tolkien: and here's my oc. he has no bearing on the plot whatsoever. he likes singing and is married to a tree :)

Mild PH, vague drug mention 

Looks like I’m all stuffed up with a sore throat. Nothing major, nothing a little cold medicine can’t fix, if I can remember what I did with it.

Look, if *I* was making scented candles. I would want to *GO FOR IT*! The last thing I'd want to do is *WASTE YOUR TIME* with *WEAK SHIT*!

I've made some variation of this post like a dozen times, and I wish I could stop, but scented candle-makers just keep *WASTING MY FUCKING TIME*

The older I get the more I think "werewolves of london" actually slaps

Go figure, I just learned today that tusky has a feature where I can open any post from my alt. That's cool! I tend to boost a lot of begposts and things over there so that makes it easy to do from here. I like this.

You should never be ashamed to use tropes.

Readers love them; they are the very substance of fiction. They are the scaffolding that holds stories together and connects them to all other stories that exist.

They are also extremely fun to play with.


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@Kiruan venn diagram showing the overlap between cat and inkjet printer. overlap is:
- moody
- spend a lot of time self-cleaning
- unreliable
- demand feeding when container is full
- ignore requests

The 'smart home of the future' circa 2000: "Every home with have a small server rack in the garage and wireless tablets will let you control every aspect of what goes on in your house, as well as have a family message board, self-hosted email and chat, and intercom"

The smart home of 2021: "idk this weird-ass black plastic pringles can sometimes diverts from its main job of siphoning your conversations and video of your neighbors to the NSA to mishear you and order a case of tapioca from Amazon"

I really just had a moment of being nostalgic for voicemail the way it used to be, where you’d call in and go through your messages. I mean, my favorite toy as a kid was an answering machine, and I would play around in those automated systems for hours. I was sort of obsessed.

Today was so nice and productive. Can’t point to something concrete that made it so, just, was. I mean yesterday I was cranky and exhausted. Today was better somehow.

Our lovely choir director expects that we’re going to have an outdoor concert. In mid December. That’s, ambitious? And our rehearsal venue changed about four times. Now we’re practicing in a parking garage somewhere.

I forgot my earbuds. This, is, annoying!!!! Especially on a flight.

It’s after midnight, and I’m on a bus that can’t go anywhere because somebody just lost their absolute mind, started screaming and cursing for the last few minutes, demanded that the driver pull over. So now we’re all stalled here waiting.

food/drink adjacent 

Me: you’ve gotta be flippin kidding me. There exists a very fancy WiFi connected juicer that only works with bags of fruit from that company? Who the hell would…
Me a second later: Oh right, I used a Keurig for years.

Surely my backup battery hasn’t vanished into thin air, right???? Right?

Irritating bureaucracy sure does have me in a mood today. Most of it is my own fault for waiting till the last minute to make travel arrangements for the weekend, but really that was a lot more of a clusterfuck than I planned.

Dear fire alarm, could you maybe knock it off please?

I’m in a fantasy football league this season and I am just so pleased to report that, per the email I just got, my squad is in the top 94%. Here’s to me and my impeccable managing skills. 😞 To be fair I did the auto-pick thing, half asleep, hours before the deadline, so strictly speaking the bad choices weren’t mine. Still though.

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