"Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city."

I know almost 0 about . Watching my first ever playthrough of The Last of us II. My god these are long, and confusing at times for someone who, I repeat, knows nothing about how gaming works.

idea: rig up my mailbox to feed directly into a paper shredder, and just periodically put that out with the recycling

I have an app that starts all their update notes with, our goal is to give you the best ⚽️ experience. Now, I’m not saying I’m slow or anything, but only today did I realize there was a play on words involving goal there.

food story 

I’ve got a friend in Belfast, and for a couple weeks we’ve been planning on ordering food on each other’s behalf, me with Deliveroo, him with door-dash. But it would be a surprise; we’d each place an order and then not know what would show up at *our* door. We finally did that today. We didn’t end up surprising each other though as we were on call while we were doing it. That was probably best anyway. It’s kinda cool what we can do from an ocean apart.

I just realized I accidentally left the lamp on this whole day, from last night. I’m a genius! Between this and the new TV I can’t shut up about, I’m going to love this upcoming electric bill.

A lot of the common wisdom about marine reptiles is incorrect. The real way to distinguish between an alligator and a crocodile is whether it sees you later, or after a while.

My friend has been badgering me for weeks to get some game called Roblox. Looks like some kinda worldbuilding thing? Hard to tell. Finally got it and the blasted thing just freezes up my phone whenever I open it.

I always feel so self conscious about how much stuff I get whenever I go to the market but at the same time I only go to the market like, every 3 to 4 weeks so this checks out lol

this poem has lived rent free in my brain since i first read it

Everybody likes to game. I love to socialize and hang out, but not games, and I swear everyone wants to turn it into a game night. No! Just, why?

So I get prepared for a stressful meeting, finally make myself go there, no one’s around. I go to send an email basically saying where the hell are you, I look at the last one and it says can we meet on Monday? 😳 I fail but I’m not complaining.

The algorithm: here's two bands that sound 99% alike
Me: one of these is dogshit and the other is transcendent

On today’s edition of annoying pop-up chores I didn’t expect, I was obliged to get a fax of something. My feet are tired from all the jumping through hoops. Spoiler alert, turns out those many fax apps, and there are many, are bogus. Fuck I’m so done.

International proposal to standardise on American English always.

Non-american colloquialisms shall be ruled suspect. Phrases that fail to address the specific concerns of american culture are henceforth problematic. All designations should be made with the american cultural context in mind. All categories must reflect the social political situations in the United States. Fail to centre the concerns of groups within America are inherent flaws and shortcomings.

When we say "America" this shall be interpreted to mean the United Sates of" but this will never be specified or modified for clarity or to reflect the concerns of people living in any part of the 34+ other countries in the Americas.

probably ec 

My dad just sent me this. He’s been on a kick of sending me pics lately and he likes this one in particular. A little throwback. It’s me as a seven-year-old when we were in Detroit for a weekend.

It’s a little bit pathetic that I feel this weird wonder at being able to watch the masked flippin singer live, on an actual TV. But oh well. At least I’m working on not watching it like I would other reality shows, with the same purist rules/standards.

Sure would be nice if I could find my favorite blue mask with the flowers, which has grown legs and wandered off somewhere.

food fail 

Note to self, maybe don’t mix up the jam and ketchup bottles. Results could be... unexpected.

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