I had a roommate who became a good friend. And as much as I like her, she has a blog and a podcast and... wow I can’t express how bad they are. I read and listen to most of it, partly out of support and partly to be blown away anew each time by the quality.

trying to reply to a text message but i keep putting down the phone because a really good song starts playing and i have to vibe for a few minutes

Sometimes learning a foreign language feels like you're on a wiki for an ARG you're not smart enough to figure out.

tech venting, swearing 

Jesus god mother of fuck I HATE PDFs

I forget where I first heard it, but variations of this joke are in a lot of comedic media and it ALWAYS makes me laugh

Person A: This film contains adult situations.
Person B: So, like, people doing their taxes?

the smallest of injuries 

Aaaaaa I just pulled a splinter out of my foot! 😬

Sometimes I forget how close everything in Europe is. Like, you can just jaunt over to Paris for a day trip.

I’ve been looking down the Wikipedia page for the history of Finland. I thought it would be a good idea because I might get quizzed on it later. There is just so much here. I feel like I’m in school cramming for a test, in this case a test which may or may not even happen. It’s kind of overwhelming. And to think I thought I was good at memorizing stuff? Yeah right.

Among us. Never heard of it until about two or three days ago, then I heard it mentioned all over the place. It’s probably a game? Being more or less gaming illiterate is fascinating sometimes.

There is a flashing light on my coffee machine for some reason. Cursory diagnostic efforts failed, and now I’ve decided, look, it still works. So you know what? Let it flash. See if I care. I am just like Nancy Drew. That’s how she solved mysteries, right? By shrugging them off?

half the time i don’t understand what is going on on this site, but when the programmers start posting i really have no god damn clue what is going on

gross, food mention 

Oh wow this game. Now we have to do a series of odd tasks. So it was that I wound up cracking two eggs over my head, painting my face with toothpaste, and putting my hand in the toilet. I am mostly clean now. The bathroom floor is as clean as I am going to get it.

It’s wild to me that in the online game I just started, I’m one of the old people in the group. At 25. The larger community around it has a lot of teenagers so I guess 25 is older than average but still. It’s weird to process. I’m not used to being the old person in a situation!

me two years ago: Think i'm gonna start using "like" a lot more in my language.

me today: *uses like four times in one sentence without thinking*

Like, i'm really enjoying like leaning into the usage of like, like as a discourse particle or like colloquial quotative because like, it's enjoyable, like.

ah people are saying "less" when they should say "fewer"? well whaddya know according to the stylebook you can mind your own fucking business about it!

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Stop posting photos of your kids on social media 

Just stop. Animals are ok, but kids aren't dogs—they'll grow up and will have feelings about you plastering their face and their life everywhere for your emotional satisfaction.

Be like #DerekSivers:

"You won’t find his name or face online. I don’t think it’s right to put someone online without their permission. He’ll put himself online when he’s ready." https://sive.rs/pa

Less radical reading: https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2019/02/when-kids-realize-their-whole-life-already-online/582916/

me: alright, I keep ordering out, I need to stop and save money

uber eats: hey.. 75% off your order.. sounds pretty nice huh

me: [fumbling to pull out my wallet despite not even being hungry] it would be a waste to pass up on this deal

I have a Superman shirt that serves as a harbinger of sorts for everything getting cold again. I can be an icicle when I put it on, and within minutes I’m burning up, no middle ground. It takes me by surprise that first time I wear it every single year.

Hey how come nobody told me Pointless was back? Finally! No idea who this toot is for anyway. I don’t know anyone else who likes that show.

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