Me: why are there so many clothes in this forgotten old laundry basket? Oh right, these pants are way too big and slide off, these have a hole where you really don’t want one, oh look, another hole in this shirt. Essentially that basket is the island of misfit toys.

Well, yesterday i found out i either need to get a new #roommate or move by November. Damn. Well, it's not as upsetting today as it was (yesterday was a very bad day). Anyone living in IN or thinking about moving here DM me. The apt is 2bed 1ba and rent is $382.5 plus electric (usually $30-$50. Internet is $50 but im likely gunna be using my cells unlimited data but wouldnt mind paying for it again. All told call it $407.5 w/o internet or $432.5 with internet. Cats are welcome and would be loved. #roommates #apartment #apartments


you don't have to boost everything on your home timeline. if i wanted to follow who you follow, i would

Wanna play a game? It’s an intense, ongoing, thrilling date with danger. It’s called, how much stuff will my poor counter hold before it all goes flying? Catchy, right?


In today’s edition of clubhouse exploits, there is a gentleman I’ve affectionately christened my stalker, because we always seem to wind up in the same rooms. We started texting and becoming friends. Well today we were in a room that got taken over by a two hour deep dive into theology and obscure facets of Catholicism old and new, and he got to see me go off on it along with them. Not the sort of thing you want a stranger to learn you’re familiar with so soon. Look, we all have a past.

So the other day my phone charger mysteriously quit working. Then my brand new coffee machine refused to turn on. It took days before it occurred to me to plug my lamp into that outlet... it was the plug! This whole time it was the plug. Eureka!

Dear friend of mine who has just left me a WhatsApp voice message that’s nearly half an hour long, why? I feel like I have homework.

Knock knock, it’s my neighbor who wants to know if I’ve got any Pine-Sol or bleach or something. I know I have a brand new bottle so I absolutely tear apart my disaster zone of a closet, knocking over god knows what but it spilled everywhere. I’m just organized like that.


I guess my BMI qualifies me to get a vaccine, but it doesn't feel right that I should get one when my job and living situation allow me to avoid the virus so easily. So I'm casually checking every once-in-a-while for openings, but I'm not going all out.

Just had my first foray into clubhouse, a room of classical musicians playing and discussing different kinds of pianos. Not really my thing but the platform sounds like it has potential to be fun, if you’re plugged into the right things. Yesterday there was a meeting with a bunch of reality TV stars talking about Survivor. That’s the sort of thing I’d want to come for but I just signed up today. Finding the right stuff is make or break if that makes sense.

I never had to reinstall an OS because I simply don't know how to do computer stuff complicated enough to break it

It's time we normalize giving homeless folks cash and being at peace with however they choose to spend it. Because it's none of our business.

One of the fun things about discord games is that you appear differently in a server than you do normally. Let’s say Jane’s screen name is cheesecakefan21. Well in the game server she’s listed as Jane, and everyone calls her Jane. So when she DMs you, you have to memorize that cheesecakefan21 = Jane, and do that with maybe 15 people.

UK Christmas traditions are similar enough to those in the US that they are recognizable in media, but different enough to feel like a parody.

Fun fact, I’ve only seen three Twilight Zone episodes ever. Thing is, they always seem to be the ones people bring up, the famous ones, and for years and years I thought go figure, what an odd coincidence. Well I saw those three in particular because they were on a DVD I got from a library ages ago, and only recently did it occurred to me that, hello, they were on that disk *because* of that! It was the greatest hits so to speak. That was by design, not chance.

Meet Bingo, my dad’s little friend. He was just scrolling through his phone and sent me this from a few years back. Figured I’d share.

Batman and Robin get a call from Commissioner Gordon that the Joker has escaped from Arkham again. They jump into the Batmobile but it won't start! Batman turns to Robin and says "Robin, did you remember to change the battery?" 

Robin looks at Batman and says "What the FUCK is a tery?"

there are two kinds of people in the world: those who pedantically insist that the word "literally" can't "correctly" be used as an intensifier but can only be used to mean "without any exaggeration"............ and those who don't

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