A lot of times when y’all put up songs, I bookmark them and then they sit there for awhile. And now i’ve spent the last half hour or so just going through them. It’s fun. Special mentions to @hisaac for that Cukak remix, @stelepami for showing me the MSP snow emergency thing, seriously how have I lived here this long and didn’t know that, and @tulpa because wow I have a *lot* of them from you saved up. :) the Amorphous stuff is cool.

My earbuds finally died. Remember how I said I had a whole stockpile of extras ready to go? Well, turns out I was down to my last one. I opened up the package and, ready for the kicker? It, was, fucking, empty!!!!!!! Yaaaaaay me. Also I have a zoom thing tonight that I don’t want to do. Time to improvise a short term solution for that, and then get some new ones.


My cousin continues texting me his really broad questions every now and then. And he phrases them all in such an academic way, like a research paper. And the funny part is the texts all come over the course of a day, nothing for a week or two and then another spirt of them. He must have designated phone days or reading/news/assorted items of interest days. He’s such an interesting person.

Also about three or four people complimented my shoes and/or told me I looked good in my outfit, and that was really nice to hear too, especially when I was pretty uncertain of that.

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Last night was really awesome. Dress rehearsal was really not so I was a bit more freaked out going into this, but it was just about perfect. And just as I was leaving someone said to me, you know, I'm really glad you're in this choir, you're a sweet person, and that really made me feel amazing.

Concert is tonight. Good news is I actually found my good concert shoes this time. Bad news is they are definitely not good for cold or snow. But that’s probably for the best; I learned last night I shouldn’t dress for Minnesota temperatures, I should dress for the 1000° it’ll be in that auditorium.

Welp just managed to embarrass myself pretty good in front of a lot of people. Yay me. Now I shall go crawl in a hole, temporarily.

Episode Length Hot Takes 

There are functionally 4 categories: 22, 30, 43, 60 minutes.

You don't have to end on the dot like on broadcast TV but I think shows are better when they stick in their category

Particularly, double-long episodes of dramas are annoying and usually of no benefit

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My pov from the good old US of A 

So where ya from?
USians: I'm from Chicago/Baltimore/etc.
People outside the US: I'm from Australia/Germany/etc. Country only. Seems I consistently have to ask whereabouts.

PH? Hydration 

I feel like I’ve been weirdly thirsty today. I mean, I drink a crap ton of water usually. Those drink water reminders never made much sense to me because my body always seems like it needs water a lot, like, a lot. But today I’ve been getting the I’m thirsty signals even more often.

sexual implications. the one good tweet from my old private twitter 

[this actually happened to me, in 2019]

Cute girl: So. Before we proceed. How do you feel about Marx?
Me (nervous): Umm look I guess I'm a socialist but I don't really know enough about the political theory behind it
Her: ...
Me: I'm sorry
Her: ...
Her: Marks. Can I leave marks on your skin

I think I'm gonna watch day shift tonight. It looks fun, and at the moment it's serving as something to anticipate once the day is done.

🇺🇸 "Fahrenheit works real good 'cause it represents a temp range relevant to human experience. 0 is way too cold, 100 is way too hot."
🦊 "Huh, cool, never thought about it that way. Guess that does make sense."
🦊 sets thermostat to a nice comfortable middle-of-the-road 50f
❆🦊❅ "Y'all are full of shit"

Well I blasted through the book that was supposed to last me all week in 3 days, partly because this is one of the better ones I've picked up in some time, and partly because this whole weekend has been so nice and slow and chill, one of those weekends where nothing happened and it was wonderful.

I've commissioned Massachusetts folk-rock artist Jonathan Edwards to write a song explaining my plans for the rest of the day youtu.be/vH5qJNl8qDM

Today can only mean one thing. That one thing, the thing you must remember is: 

You can get anything you want at Alice's restaurant.

So a couple of guys were moving something heavy outside and kind of arguing loudly with each other, and it suddenly got a lot louder and I was like WTF, and it took me a second to realize they had poked their heads in here by mistake. Anyway that's how I learned I forgot to lock the door after I took out the recycling.

Remember how I said I was taking a break from improbable Island? Welp looks like that's over. I got back on today and sorta rediscovered how I got hooked on it in the first place. So maybe I'll leave it alone for another couple months, maybe I'll become a fixture there again, who knows? Either way it was fun.

I don't know or care anything about pokémon, but a lot of people in my life do, enough that I keep being reminded that something big is happening in that world, and that something involves Scarlets and violets.

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