I slept til 7:30 and I don't know what to do, it feels great and also how do people sleep past 7?

Once again the fire alarm is blaring. No smoke or anything, I don’t hear anybody else leaving so for now I’m staying put. Besides I’m in no presentable state anyway.

Me: wants the English-speaking US and public conversation in general to become less monolingual

Also me: too shy to order in Spanish at the confirmed-Spanish-speaking taco truck

🎶 Keepin' up with dishes 🎶 to the tune of Takin' Care of Business


just sitting and vibing to the metronome. nobody is playing music

The fact that Android phone makers removed headphone jacks right after Apple removed theirs really says that if Apple jumped off a bridge, then Android phone makers would rush to find an even bigger bridge to jump off of.

Needless to say, this is an infuriating state of affairs (if only because I like having headphones that are cheap and dead simple that I can use while my phone is charging).

beverage, oblique alcohol reference 

nationality and cultural cringe 

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Fun sidenote: at one point we had to date a page and I said, 6/30? No, 6/29 came the reply, you must be a time traveler! This is awesome because I’m a huge time travel fiction enthusiast. Also because otherwise you’d have gotten my annual Bobby Goldsboro shoutout a day early.

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Well that wasn’t so bad overall. Finally got that paper I’ve been after and got the meeting for the lease. It was anti-climactic, a few papers to sign and took five minutes or so, which was very good. Hoped to be done today but there’s another followup next week. I’m satisfied.

You ever innocently pull on a hangnail and end up with a crime scene? Yeah that's my current sitch.

very lewd... my mind is so bad 


not actually lewd but cw'ing anyway 

in which I complain about 19th century French musical typesetting 

I'm so bad at figuring out if someone is flirting or not.

Just dug up an old device from my drawer and I’ve been trying, in vain so far, to get it to play nicely with my phone. Doing a virtual game night with friends in about an hour where two devices are preferred. Let’s see if the 371st attempt will succeed where the others failed.

working on a computer makes me want to use the computer less in my downtime which makes other things more difficult

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