Questionable health? 

There's someone in one of my friend groups who seems to be so very up on all things culture / celebrities/current events in a way that's just above and beyond. She's always watching easily a dozen shows at a time, reading a similar number of books, just started a new job etc. And when we ask her where she finds the time for all this stuff, she says, very simply, oh I just never sleep.

I don't remember the last time I didn't have any plans at all on a saturday. Months? A year? Either way it's really nice.

Wait I’m only just learning that YouTube has a setting that lowers the picture quality to save data/battery. How did I not know this before? This will help, as hard as it’s gonna be for me to sacrifice good picture.

Link to Abortion Donation Fund list 

If you have cash to spare, they're going to need it badly; a lot of it is going to go to travel costs, which y'all know have been sky rocketing*hPHB5AUPlNsBahREWE9rWQ

Slightly personal? Showing my privilege regarding mh 

A thing I just said in a conversation with someone: "Like if I was scared all the time with every person about how I was coming across I probably couldn't do or say anything, so I wouldn't want other people to be that kind of scared around me, it sounds miserable", and I feel like I suddenly got some new insight on social anxiety and what that must feel like.

Alc adjacent 

Just about lost my mind for the last half hour looking for my ID. I’m supposed to go to some brewery tonight and that was going to be a very big problem. And of course it wasn’t in the same damn place in my purse it’s been for the last several years! No, it was in the pocket of my heavy winter coat! This place is a disaster zone from the search effort.

My favorite episode of GBBO is the one where they had to make "American desserts," and all the competitors made a bunch of noise about how American desserts are too sweet and how much they hate it etc etc etc, and how they were going to adapt American flavors to a British palate (lol). One of them filled a tart shell with straight peanut butter (!!!)

The guy who won, AND went down in GBBO history for making the judges ecstatic with delight, made literally just a normal American key lime pie

ridiculous stereotypes about the kids today 

I'm a lifelong fan of reality TV, and I just heard about some new Netflix show where young people go out into the wilderness with survival experts to learn to live off the land. And I think I'd really like it; I just so dislike the way it's marketed. It seems so focused on how the young people are dramatic and lazy and have no skills, and it says their parents tricked them into this. Hell, it's actually called snowflake mountain! 🤮

okay so. i expected something a lot different when i clicked on this website.

How do you find out you’ve been using the wrong size coffee filters? Why, when you open up a new bag that are the right size. Oh, so this is how it should actually fit.

Bureaucratic paperwork scares me. Irrationally. Usually it is not actually hard to do once I start. Sometimes looking up the info I need is tedious, but it's not actually difficult.

I love not knowing what day of the week it is. I mean, I love that right now, my schedule isn't busy in the way that I need to say, oh it's wednesday, that means this / this / this. It won't last, but today it sure was nice to forget what day it was, and then to recognize what that means.

My poor, oh so resilient phone has been through so much in its lifetime. The fact that it still works is a little bit remarkable, and no credit to me at all.

Too warm for pants, too on-camera for a comfortable shirt.

Includes small reference to crime 

I’ve had a TV in my apartment for just about a year now, and the act of aimlessly flipping channels has not stopped feeling a little weird. I am watching some show about bank robbers. I do not know why.

So I think my AC is officially making its 2022 debut tonight. The fan has been cutting it so far but I want to be able to sleep for the next few days.

7:30 and I just woke up. That kinda throws me off when it happens.


I definitely definitely didn’t just almost log into a zoom meeting sans a shirt. It’s hot.

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