demon/angel kink idea 

Demon vs angel kink stuff, but rather than the dull evil / good binary, they oppose each other in whether they are selfish or selfless in bed

Demons focus on their own pleasure, using partners to get off and possibly not even returning the favor. They're often wild and inconsiderate in bed, acting on hedonistic impulse.

Angels, conversely, focus on their partners, enjoying making them squirm and moan. They can be quite disciplined, but do like sex, and are very caring


demon/angel kink idea 

@BunnieEXE I could see an angel/angel pairing not really working, kind of that endless roundabout of, you go first, no you, no you, I insist, and nothing gets done.

demon/angel kink idea 

@FromtheAbyss 'Partner-focused' does not necessarily mean 'deferential'. A toppy angel might be inclined to take the initiative, but they'll do so to please their partner.

Plus, I imagine them getting around a lot of situations like that through upfront negotiation.

demon/angel kink idea 

@BunnieEXE yeah true. Just an errant thought.

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