Well I managed to pick up that giant monstrosity of a box, from the *right* place, and somehow get it upstairs with my nonexistent strength. That’s only a tiny piece of the absurd and convoluted mess I need to sort out. Spent large parts of today going in circles and progressing maybe an inch. Now I’m going to do the practical, constructive thing, whine about it on my socials.

@FromtheAbyss Hey, it's what we're here for! About 60% of my posts are whining and the other 40% are Izzy pics.

@n0btc @stelepami A bunch of clothes, some sunscreen and... here’s the part you’ll like, an old radio.

@FromtheAbyss @stelepami ooo cool. I do like radios as a matter of fact. Is it that transistor one u were playing with in pa?

@n0btc @stelepami yeah. Really? You like radios? Why, I totally didn’t know that. :P

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