I'd like a 4 1/2'' or 4 1/4'' smartphone. If I want a tablet, I go for a tablet, I don't need a phone that's a mini tablet <_<

gnaaaah, I search for "compact smartphones", and the first result is a "we tested 10 compact smartphones" article, and the phones are sized around 6 inches. WTF

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smaller phones 

@Anke It's bizarre, ne? Fine, if people want mini-tablet phones, they should have such options. But why does virtually no maker offer ones that are just /hand size/? Even the iPhone 5s (4") feels a bit tall for my liking; the 3G at 3.5" was such a good size. Now, the smallest Apple makes is another 15mm taller, 9mm wider than the 5s. =:P


smaller phones 

@porsupah @Anke i’m right there with you! The smaller the better. It’s convenient in your hand, it’s convenient for carrying purposes, and I don’t need a lot of real estate on the screen. But I get that I’m in the minority so... supply and demand I suppose. I got used to the bigger one, grudgingly.

smaller phones 

@FromtheAbyss @Anke Mmm! When I move on from my 5s someday, it's either "bigger" or "much bigger". =:P (I don't need or want bigger! I've got a wonderful iPad Pro with way more display than any phone. So far.. =:)

I suppose it wouldn't be much of a step to move my phone from a pocket to my bag, but still.

Indeed, it probably does come down to most people /wanting/ big phones. Back when Apple dropped the 17" MacBook Pro, iSTR something along the lines of those making up about 1% of sales - so, fair enough, maybe it just wasn't enough to bother with. (At least they've nudged back in that direction, at long last, with the minimal-bezel 16". 15" has always felt just a bit /small/ for my purposes, though these days, it doesn't travel anywhere near as much, the iPad joining me out and about instead, now with a 24" monitor providing the extra space. And there's a similar size problem - good, high res displays of that kind of size are becoming trickier to find, with makers firmly believing we only want 30" and above)

monitor sizes 

@porsupah @FromtheAbyss I bought an extra monitor by iiyama when the working-from-home due to corona started, and it's either 22'' or 21.5''. It came with a stand on which it can be rotated, or moved up and down if it's in lanscape mode. I'm very happy with it. :D

monitor sizes 

@Anke @FromtheAbyss Oh, nice! Being rotatable would be fun. ^_^ I'd like something along those lines, maybe slightly larger (it's my de facto headboard - never leaves the bed =:), but high res. 4K would be wonderful - 2560 pixels across at 24" looks a bit coarse, when it's only 18" or so from my face. ^_^

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