I have had "Firewatch" described to me as a "mid-life crisis simulator", which is confounding enough that I want to play it today. Wish me luck; hopefully by the end of the night I'm not going out for a pack of smokes, never to return.

It was good. I was bamboozled, didn't see the ending coming, though some of the behavior-driven storytelling had rough edges. One thing: this game starts rough... you're forced to make either-or choices in the first few minutes that are both extremely disconcerting and also clearly gameplay influencing.


@ironiridis you got through it all in one night? Must have been either short or addictive. what sort of game is it?

@FromtheAbyss It's categorically a "walking simulator"; you're a 3d character in a 3d world, exploring, picking up stuff, getting information or use out of that stuff to gain access to more places to walk around. It also uses that as a dramatic story engine; you communicate with a character who asks you to go to a certain place, and while walking there you build the story by responding (or not) to the conversation they're having with you.

@ironiridis hmm, sounds partially self-directed but also not. Interesting.

@FromtheAbyss That's a good way of putting it. There are at least two arcs I know the plot can follow, depending on what you do. There's a significant force that drives forward progress, but the direction of that progress is chosen by the player (whether they're aware or not)

@ironiridis that's cool. Also opens up the potential of multiple playthroughs that feel entirely different.

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