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oh gosh I love MSP Social so much, I will never leave you again

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If anyone needs help today or tomorrow, let me know.

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Hi friends. Checking in from Saint Paul. Spent all day yesterday helping my Seward-dwelling kid get needed medication and groceries. I love you all.

I mean they are cool and all but when you think about it they are just long buckets with holes at the end.

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Also I might be getting my new gutters installed today! Gutters aren't as amazing as electricity, though.

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Electricity is pretty amazing if you stop and think about it.

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The power company is here! I'm going to have the best power in the neighborhood.

There's a group of girls who ride their bikes up and down the street every evening, yelling and laughing, and it really is the best. I love my neighborhood.

Spending some time getting to know the space and contemplating possibilities for

GUESS WHAT: heating and electrifying a small house is A WHOLE BUNCH CHEAPER than heating and electrifying a huge house!

Me: Can I see a demo of the system feature that is 95% of the reason we use the system

Dev: lol no, here's a demo of a thing we really think is cool but will only be used .0000001% of the time

I got a new chair for my home office and it's forcing me to improve my posture. although I know this will benefit me in the long term I do not like it in the short term. thanks for coming to my Ted talk

New meal pick up sites in St Paul for families with children 

Food delivery resources in Minneapolis, Ramsey County 

Not winning very many parenting points today

domestic violence, police, question 

who still needs fabric masks? I got you.

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