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oh gosh I love MSP Social so much, I will never leave you again

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I am participating in the St Paul bike/ped count and OMG CARS ARE THE WORST


the background/eating noises are so bad on this call that I have to take my headset off and leave it across the room :blobcattableflip:

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gender reveal parties 

Gender reveal parties should be held by the kids themselves at a time of their choosing

I'm glad these weren't a thing when I was pregnant because I would have been wrong both times!

produce, recipes 

hit me with all your favorite late summer produce recipes. The simpler, the better.

also here's some dessert recipes that I thought looked good

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The internet made me old and mean before my time, and it's great tbh



Going to the West Side farmer's market in the morning. My main goal for the long weekend is to eat as many fresh, local tomatoes as possible.

Twitter link, assaults on cyclists in South Minneapolis

The tweet is from someone I know personally. Stay safe friends ❤️

Not only did they schedule a meeting for Friday afternoon before a holiday weekend, they are running 20+ minutes over

this has to be illegal

peeling paint, creepy if you have an active imagination 

I know this pattern on my basement wall is just flaking paint, but it's fun to pretend it's it's a woman's face, like maybe Rosie, the woman who moved into the house with her husband in the 1880s and lived here with her son, his wife, and their children until the 1930s!

Did I say fun? I meant creepy AF :blobboo:

housing is a human right

Providing safe, affordable homes for everybody, even if they have a "criminal" record, would be so much better than what we're doing.

dentist, bad music 

I'm at the dentist to get cavities filled and the music is Sweet Caroline and it's the worst

Minneapolis curfew 

Seeing reports on :birdsite: (from reporters at the mayor's news conference) that there will be a curfew tonight starting at 8 PM. My kid is scheduled to work until 8 PM...assuming their store will close early?

a picture of a baby, self congratulatory 

also giving myself a pat on the back for dressing them in gender neutral secondhand clothing 20 years ago

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a picture of a baby 

Just came across this adorable picture of my oldest kid and wanted to share because OMG SO CUTE!

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