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about me: in the mornings I sing to my guinea pigs, but I switch out most of the nouns for the word "pig" or "piggies"

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oh gosh I love MSP Social so much, I will never leave you again



"Oops I Did It Again"


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Bon Jovi's "Dead or Alive" followed by....a very hyper violin version of "Smooth Criminal"

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Oh no

Now it's OutKast "Hey Ya" with pizzicato strings

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Before this it was Pink's "Raise Your Glass"

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My Canadian is getting an MRI and I'm a little nervous so I'm going to toot about the piano instrumental music they are playing in the waiting room

Right now it's "Cake by the Ocean"

Update: it was everything I'd hoped it would be

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About me: I am "excited to get a new mop" years old.

MSP! I have two tickets for tomorrow's Lynx game (7 PM, Target Center). Great seats and very easy to get to (on the aisle and only two steps to navigate). Free! Let me know if you want 'em!

I am listening to @t54r4n1 on the Wedge Live podcast and I'm totally going to vote for them (by writing them in for something since I live in Saint Paul)

Hot take: Strong password requirements actually make passwords less secure because you are forcing me to write it on a post it note to possibly remember it

Picture, eye contact 

A picture of two cuties at the Lynx game

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Hey, sorry I took so long to get back to you. I got bricked into a wine cellar and had to tunnel my way out, again.

I feel we aren't talking enough about the fact that there's a house in West 7th with larger-than-life skeletons climbing up it, and the skeletons are there year round and at night they glow green with red guts

Great video on the vernacular architecture of shotgun houses in New Orleans.

My house has this same no hallways style and was built very close to the neighbors, but was built by Bohemian (Czech) immigrants, and was built in phases.

TL;DR eliminate setbacks and minimum lot requirements

guinea pig pictures 

teaching the guinea pigs to come "up" for treats. Trixie (black and white one) figured it out really fast!

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current status: eating grab-and-go tapioca pudding straight from the container

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