Picture, eye contact 

A picture of two cuties at the Lynx game

guinea pig pictures 

teaching the guinea pigs to come "up" for treats. Trixie (black and white one) figured it out really fast!

every map is the same map 

My buddy Tom wrote a great article last year about how all maps of Saint Paul are fundamentally the same:


Today the Star Tribune published another one for the collection.

Picture, eye contact 

Last Lynx home game until August... let's go Lynx!! :loslynx:

peeling paint, creepy if you have an active imagination 

I know this pattern on my basement wall is just flaking paint, but it's fun to pretend it's it's a woman's face, like maybe Rosie, the woman who moved into the house with her husband in the 1880s and lived here with her son, his wife, and their children until the 1930s!

Did I say fun? I meant creepy AF :blobboo:

a picture of a baby 

Just came across this adorable picture of my oldest kid and wanted to share because OMG SO CUTE!

The plant clipping that Jenny gave me as a housewarming gift back in March is so happy!!

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