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Dragonflies are putting on an air show for us! Little Bohemia has the best bugs.

Twin Cities friends: looking for leads on a very part-time job (10-15 hrs a week to start) for an 18 yo who is eager to work but will need disability accommodations (mainly the ability to sit down while working). Thanks in advance.

Food recommendation 

If you find yourself in Saint Paul, you should totally check out Two Scoops Ice Cream (on Selby west of Victoria). Black owned, with fantastic ice cream, pies, pizza, and chili dogs! Yummmmmmm.


also there are far too many guns involved and our houses are very close together, whee

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update: the struggle between tenant and landlord is playing out in real time where I can watch it from !

my hot take: the entire system needs to be torn down and rebuilt

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The upgraded has a metal roof that sounds AWESOME in the rain

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there's some activity going on at the house next door, so that's giving me something to watch

work (-) 

update: I am in the dumpster too and we're almost to the sea, and the sea is also on fire

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Pharmacy recommendation 

If you are looking for a pharmacy, I can recommend Capsule:

They offer free home delivery but they are NOT mail order. They have a pharmacy where they fill scripts and then have a courier deliver them.

My Canadian has some complicated, expensive scripts and they have handled them perfectly AND saved us money!

work (-) 

Wow things are going out of the frying pan and into the dumpster

and the dumpster is on fire and floating down a river to the sea

Finally, a sport that relates to your interests: Pedestrianism!

The strange 19th-Century sport that was cooler than football:

Great article with a lot of info about I-94 through Round in Saint Paul

"What It Looks Like to Reconnect Black Communities Torn Apart by Highways"

Annoy a Minnesotan in 5 words or less

I'll go first:


Just logged off for PTO and damn it's a good thing because I am all out of work fucks

breakfast food existential question 

I made this morning's breakfast smoothie according to cannon

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Somebody told me
That you had a piggie
Who looked like a piggie
That I had in February of last year
Oh you are a piggie
A big piggie piggie
Rushing and rushing around

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