Please, friends, take the St. Paul bike plan survey and tell them it’s a climate emergency and we should be able to easily and safely bike everywhere:

They should not have retained the “Tokyo 2020” branding, because it is all too easy to believe it’s still 2020.

Pleased to see this piece from Hannah on the desperate cold and ice in the south, and how badly some people are "joking" about it.

"This isn’t normal. Don’t be THAT Minnesotan. Seeing these stories shouldn’t elicit a “Ha ha, bunch of wimps!” response... We need to take climate change seriously and we need to take the impacts on humans seriously, regardless of where they live or how they talk."

Input some anti-denier comments on MNDOT's very first pedestrian plan which acknowledges the fact of climate change, also featuring this excellent infographic:

What kind of articles would you like to see in a “Classic Articles” section of a blog? Feel free to comment with other options (or specific posts!)

Turns out some people have strong feelings about what types of forks to use. Do you?


Why coozies?

Enjoy some more nature and delight from @kyleislikekyle today on streetsmn, as part of our “The City That Eats Together” series.

$ direct to north Mpls (donations welcome) 

My friend Hannah has been tirelessly organizing food and other donations in her north Minneapolis neighborhood. She has literally been leaving her front door open for people to drop off or pick up stuff they need (like that burn cream!)

Now she’s asking for money to support building out these efforts (tents, tables). If you have the means, her Venmo is HaPritch82.

More details about current needs on her Twitter:

A poem from @kyleislikekyle, which he wrote about his bike commute to Minneapolis last week. It feels true and real.

Mndot is closing the freeways tonight at 7pm:

HIGHWAY CLOSURES in effect beginning at 7PM tonight:

• I-35W north/south btwn I-694 & Hwy 62
• I-35E north/south btwn Hwy 36 & Hwy 62
• I-94 east/west btwn I-694 & the I-694/I-494 interchange
• I-394 east btwn Hwy 100 & I-94
• Hwy 55 north/south btwn Hwy 62 & I-94

More details about my garden plants, starting with violets! One of the early spring bloomers, great ground cover that spreads on its own and loves shade. Multiple colors for the blossoms, including purple, blue, white-with-blue.

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My version of sidewalk art: naming the plants along my boulevard garden

Today my 90 year old grandma told me she hadn’t been in a car in WEEKS and I was like... same? But all the time?


It’s street trash clean up season, and earlier this week I played a game of “is it trash or a flower” but it does not translate well to photos.

Anyway, feel free to contribute your own clean-up photos to’s virtual Earth Day event:

Saint Paul has finally decided to open up (part of) the road by the river (partially) to non-automobile traffic (temporarily).


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A community centered on the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, and their surrounding region. Predominantly queer with a focus on urban and social justice issues.

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