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This bike rack is joking with me. I don’t believe it is real. Good one, bike rack. You got me.

(Pictured: one of the worst bike racks ever)

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If you gift a letter from Compliments from Animals, and you feel it’s helpful for me to know if the recipient has decreased vision, please let me know. I’m more than happy, for example, to print in larger type, or we can talk about emailing a recording of the letter, too, or something like that, like emailing the written letter if they have text reading software. Anything you or they like.

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:mnthonk: PSA: file your 2017 m1pr before the 15th to get that free property tax rebate money before it expires
also file your 2018 while you're at it.
it's free money. it's yours. your name's on it. fill out the form. get it.
revenue.state.mn.us/renters-pr 💰

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Please fill this out. We need 1 lane frontage roads and major traffic calming.


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Maybe you've wondered what the symbols on the :flag_stp: stand for. Wonder no more!

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I like to paraphrase Stephanie Burt’s take on poetry, where she says something like:

not liking poetry is like only hearing Beethoven and Kendrick Lamar and not getting totally into it, then deciding music isn’t for you.

Poetry can be sooooo different, like the difference between jazz and metal and polka and electronic, and in school you often only exposed to the so-called classics, which you might not like, but I can almost guarantee you might like another kind of poem.

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How to Read an E-Book:
1. Purchase your book on the platform of your choice.
2. Download the book to a computer.
3. Strip the DRM straight outta that sucker because it belongs to you, not one of three megacorps. Screw that noise.
4. Read it, I guess?

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Ordering compliments or insults from Compliments From Animals is easy and fun and cheap ($3 per letter). Best way to order for now is still to email complimentsfromanimals@gmail.com. All that’s needed is the person’s name, whether you want a compliment or an insult, and where you want it mailed to!

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MSPSocial, where our starting position is "ban cars" and we move left from there

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I bike in part BECAUSE of the extra time involved, not despite it. It’s a recovering of time and life. It’s an oppressive and commercial culture that encourages us to rush and hurry and stress out about getting somewhere fast, usually to our jobs or to be consumers.

“Emotionally, intellectually, ecologically, cars desecrate the spirit of existence. They kill us quickly (collision) or slowly (air pollution, lack of exercise).“

A great new post from @kyleislikekyle on the life we miss when we are in cars.


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After a lot of planning and organizing across species, I’m happy to introduce COMPLIMENTS FROM ANIMALS, a correspence offered to you, from a surprise animal pen pal.

For $2 you can now order personal handwritten compliments, which will come from a specially selected animal pen pal in letter form, either for yourself or to be gifted to a friend or family member. Readers in need of coming down a few pegs also have the option to order insults.

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Here is an example of the content you will find there:

It’s excellent the way you do not fly like I do. You mostly stay on the ground in ways I can not and will not. Keep up the good work.

In admiration,

A Hawk

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I wrote this, about :transit: cops being incompatible with an initiative to promote "respect, kindness and inclusion."


I wrote a post about my boulevard garden, including the sad loss of a tree, and the happy gain of many plants from my neighbors/friends.


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