Warren campaign in solidarity with protestors 

Please take this survey and give your thoughts on streets.mn’s board priorities!

(I am on the board, but did not participate in creating this survey)


Hi all, my friend’s parrot is missing from the Lake Hiawatha area. Please keep an eye out!

Today and tomorrow (9/16 and 9/17):

If you show me proof that you donated $5 or more to habitat protection or another legitimate climate cause, you’ll get a CAF letter for free.
Include address where it’s going and name of recipient.


Flyer says:
“After the Twin Cities Book Festival
poetry reading featuring
Kyle Constalie
Dobby Gibson
Anna George Meek
Paula Cisewski
Ed Bok Lee
William Stobb
7 PM. Honey. 205 E. Hennepin. Free admission. Cash Bar.“

I’ll be reading in MPLS in October in support of my friend Bill, whose new book of poems “You Are Still Alive” comes out this month. I’m really excited about his book. For my part, I’ll also be reading pieces from my project Compliments from Animals, which is a letter writing service that lets me pretend I’m a lot of different creatures with positive opinions about people.

Ah "prattling on", a phrase used when women are talking. Never heard it said when men are "prattling on".

do me one single favor fediverse and please work on your assumption that everyone owns and operates a car on a regular basis. this is, at best, only as true as assuming that everyone is straight.

Heads up MSP Bike pals, there's another Midtown Greenway closure/detour coming up. It appears that there is going to be a reasonably safe detour route this time around, and we'll be loud about it if there isn't :greenway: 🚲 🚴


This Thursday eve: join us for a drink and some co-working time to write your next streets.mn article. Black Stack Brewing.


This bike rack is joking with me. I don’t believe it is real. Good one, bike rack. You got me.

(Pictured: one of the worst bike racks ever)

If you gift a letter from Compliments from Animals, and you feel it’s helpful for me to know if the recipient has decreased vision, please let me know. I’m more than happy, for example, to print in larger type, or we can talk about emailing a recording of the letter, too, or something like that, like emailing the written letter if they have text reading software. Anything you or they like.

Friends I’ve got my act together and I WILL bring my handmade reusable-from-reused-materials nametags to the streetsmn meetup on Friday.

You can make your own and keep it, or give it back for us to reuse. Or DM me if you want me to make you one (send me your name and preferred colors, plus pronouns if you’d like them to be included).

:mnthonk: PSA: file your 2017 m1pr before the 15th to get that free property tax rebate money before it expires
also file your 2018 while you're at it.
it's free money. it's yours. your name's on it. fill out the form. get it.
revenue.state.mn.us/renters-pr 💰

Femme/trans/woman/non-binary friends: Next Friday, August 9th streets.mn is having a FTW meetup in Saint Paul. Please join me to talk streets, write posts, complain, brainstorm, etc.

Info here: streets.mn/2019/07/29/femme-tr

Or feel free to DM me!

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