Save the date: March 21st!

What: annual Writer’s Forum
Who: you and all your friends (anyone can attend)
Why: meet new friends, learn something, ask questions
Where: tbd, probably CoCreatz

This meta-article from @lawremipsum is an excellent reminder of why our organization exists, and what “better places” really means:

“We’re here to discuss the who, what, how, and when of the change. Not “if.” Not to luxuriate in the comfort of the way things already are, or to valorize the morality or perceived necessity of individual choices in the context of how things already are.”

I am Extremely Pleased to read this article by @lawremipsum , where she describes the excellent bicycle infrastructure just blocks from my house. If only it weren’t a temporary detour!

I go out of my way to bike on this. Just today, I stopped at kowalski’s for groceries, and instead of crossing on Syndicate to go hone, I took a joy ride down and back this Grand Ave bike way.

This post from @t54r4n1 is not only a fantastic example of :bancars: but also the personal story of a person who was killed by a car driver before she could write more books like this one, with illustrations of the view through a microscope.

Now is the time to join‘s Climate Committee:

“We’ll be talking about the ways intersects with climate breakdown and how we can foster and facilitate engagement and action within our mission.

We’re still in early planning stages, so there’s lots of room for your ideas and energy. What we’re firm on is a conversation grounded in the reality of climate science and our institutional commitment.”

Climate, action 

Perhaps this may give you hope, as it does for me: St. Paul city council members Nelsie Yang and Mitra Jalali are officially full-term council members today.

In this photo on Twitter, it shows Mitra in bright pink suit, Nelsie in a patterned dress with coin-looking accents. I cannot overstate what a relief it is to see people other than “white guy in suit with blue/red/white tie.”

P.S. Mitra stated that her name is now “Mitra Jalali” - pls update your records


Sneak peak of the fun stuff you could win at the winter fundraiser party on Thursday:

A custom painting of your street or alley by plein air painter Phillip Carlton
Gift certificates from Mischief Toy Store
Dive Bar Tour and book package from Bill Lindeke
Beer from Summit Brewing
Beer from Bang Brewing
Artisanal Bicycle Decorating Kit
Bike Chain Jewelry

FYI, you should come to our winter party, and TODAY is the day to buy tickets! Early bird price is $25, cost goes up after Thanksgiving.

Come to the winter fundraising party! Thursday, December 5th, at Black Hart in St. Paul. Food, drinks, silent auction, and a game show.

Tickets on sale now:

Can’t afford a ticket? Send me a direct message and I can help you out.

CORRECTION: happy hour is a week from today (Thursday, November 14th).

5:30-7:30 at Venn brewing (blue line / A-line) winter fundraiser (party) is December 5th. Details to come, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be at Black Hart. Come have some food/drinks and meet cool folks.

Saint Paul’s newest bikeway is simultaneously awesome & so sad. Temporary, due to reconstruction of bridge

Photo 1: two way bikeway painted, with orange plastic bollards. Visible discontinuities at the two entrances to the grocery store parking lot

Photo 2: bikeway curves around bump-out and just ends, with no indication of what you’re supposed to do

Photo 3: post-bike-lane ending, there’s a sign that says “road closed to thru traffic”, along with some new shadows. (Bikes are not “traffic”?)

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