$ direct to north Mpls (donations welcome) 

My friend Hannah has been tirelessly organizing food and other donations in her north Minneapolis neighborhood. She has literally been leaving her front door open for people to drop off or pick up stuff they need (like that burn cream!)

Now she’s asking for money to support building out these efforts (tents, tables). If you have the means, her Venmo is HaPritch82.

More details about current needs on her Twitter: twitter.com/BicycleHannah/stat

More details about my garden plants, starting with violets! One of the early spring bloomers, great ground cover that spreads on its own and loves shade. Multiple colors for the blossoms, including purple, blue, white-with-blue.

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My version of sidewalk art: naming the plants along my boulevard garden

It’s street trash clean up season, and earlier this week I played a game of “is it trash or a flower” but it does not translate well to photos.

Anyway, feel free to contribute your own clean-up photos to streets.mn’s virtual Earth Day event: streets.mn/2020/04/23/in-honor

This post from @t54r4n1 is not only a fantastic example of :bancars: but also the personal story of a person who was killed by a car driver before she could write more books like this one, with illustrations of the view through a microscope.


Saint Paul’s newest bikeway is simultaneously awesome & so sad. Temporary, due to reconstruction of bridge

Photo 1: two way bikeway painted, with orange plastic bollards. Visible discontinuities at the two entrances to the grocery store parking lot

Photo 2: bikeway curves around bump-out and just ends, with no indication of what you’re supposed to do

Photo 3: post-bike-lane ending, there’s a sign that says “road closed to thru traffic”, along with some new shadows. (Bikes are not “traffic”?)

Hi all, my friend’s parrot is missing from the Lake Hiawatha area. Please keep an eye out!

In Saint Paul, the police say it’s legal to park in bike lanes, anytime, for any reason (according to SeeClickFix):

“After further view with the Saint Paul police department, in the city of Saint Paul it is not illegal to park in the bike lanes... vehicles may park in bike lane with no repercussions” (Screenshot of one such ticket attached, link: en.seeclickfix.com/issues/5558 )

I was grumpy about the prospective snow today, but it’s so pretty that I’m happy it’s here

these ice sheets on the bike paths are becoming kind of fun in the morning: cracks and bubbles!

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