Hi all, my friend’s parrot is missing from the Lake Hiawatha area. Please keep an eye out!

Rejoice! The washed out bike trail connecting downtown to the east side has been (sort of) repaired! It’s at least passable now. There are only a few holes.

Anyway, pessimism aside, I’m happy this is finally being fixed, because it’s my regular route to work. And the detour is an extra two miles including a couple big hills and an eight-lane freeway on-ramp crossing.

In Saint Paul, the police say it’s legal to park in bike lanes, anytime, for any reason (according to SeeClickFix):

“After further view with the Saint Paul police department, in the city of Saint Paul it is not illegal to park in the bike lanes... vehicles may park in bike lane with no repercussions” (Screenshot of one such ticket attached, link: en.seeclickfix.com/issues/5558 )

I was grumpy about the prospective snow today, but it’s so pretty that I’m happy it’s here

these ice sheets on the bike paths are becoming kind of fun in the morning: cracks and bubbles!

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