An awesome alternative to audible for audiobooks:, where you can choose which independent bookstore your purchase supports. I chose Subtext Books in downtown St. Paul.

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Don't buy turbo tax if you made 66k a year or less in 2018 and were younger than 51. You can do it through H&R Block for free and it includes everything, including student loan interest. link below, boost for awareness

I took the bus to work and wrote an article about it!

tl;dr: it took me 2.5 hours overall and I bought some thread on the way home. It was nice.

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🗡️ 🗡️ 🗡️ :knife_agender: :knife_bi: :knife_lgbt: :knife_nb: :transknife: 🗡️ 🗡️ 🗡️

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so yeah I'm a little salty about undescribed images because for me and everyone else who uses a screen reader—we just don't want to miss out on your posts. I followed y'all because I'm interested in what you have to say, and if you can't even write a couple words for your images, you're saying that's not meaningful to you

My newest post:

"4. Soup will freeze and burst in your bag at -20 F, and then all your stuff will smell like soup all day."

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Now that Google Maps is letting you report speed traps and redirect traffic thereby, I'd like to propose that it's our civic duty to keep streets safer by reporting speed traps at random throughout the city, with particular attention to bike routes or school zones.

My manager wants to get me to go to a conference (“any conference”) and I finally told him I had committed to not flying because of the climate.

He looked outside and obviously was thinking “you mean because it’s snowing?” but quickly understood what I meant. Anyway, I need to work on my delivery a bit.

Biking today was much better than I expected. Main roads mostly clear to pavement, with some occasional slush. (Bike paths and lanes impassable of course)

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i'll make you other knives if you pay the instance via patreon or librewhatever to have me make them, jfyi, i love them and i'm pleased with them. thanks

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one weird trick to save money on your car insurance Show more

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Me: jeez it’s blare ice out there
J: you mean glare ice?
Me: isn’t it blare? Blare sounds right
J: that means loud
Me: oh yeah

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Mac-Grove folks, I feel like Randolph Ave Cow doesn’t get proper appreciation. How cool is she?! Does she have a name? Has someone documented all her seasonal outfits?

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International winter bike to work day is in one week! Friday, February 8th, get on your bicycle and go to work. Or not to work. Go bicycle!

I wrote an article featuring some inspirational links on why biking is great and how to bike to work.

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