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In fact I like this so much that years ago @Jennybellium metalsmithed an excerpt of it for me on this piece: All this I desire

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For a uni project, my class needs native speakers of English who spent at least their childhood (ages 4 to 13) in the UK to do a quick survey!

If this is you, please consider helping us out: People love talking about how differently they talk from how other people talk, so I hope you have fun with it!

If it's not you, feel free to boost it.

We're actually going to be doing some cool science with the results we get, which I'm happy to talk about here once it's done.

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Reminder to y’all,

April is autism awareness month. Couple of things:

1) do not support Autism Speaks. At all. They silence the voices of actual autistic people and seek a “cure” and compare us to cancer

2) stop and call out others reducing autism to a punchline and/or insult

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I am so extremely excited!! For the first time ever, Conduit Books & Ephemera has two new poetry books out in the world! 🤘 🙌 :awoo: 💀 :blobboo: 💃 🕺 🦁 😻 💫

Now available at

The Last Note Becomes Its Listener by Jeffrey Morgan
Animul/Flame by Michelle Lewis

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In Saint Paul, the police say it’s legal to park in bike lanes, anytime, for any reason (according to SeeClickFix):

“After further view with the Saint Paul police department, in the city of Saint Paul it is not illegal to park in the bike lanes... vehicles may park in bike lane with no repercussions” (Screenshot of one such ticket attached, link: )

Creative transit-style maps from Daniel Huffman featured on today:

“I don’t think people are used to seeing and thinking about rivers this way — realizing their interconnectedness, their importance in the establishment of settlements, or the fact that they were humanity’s original transit networks.”

If anyone is interested in joining streetsmn as a writer, please do, we would love your input. I am happy to help facilitate or even edit/proofread!

more info here:

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Rejoice!! The new issue of Conduit is here!!! Be dangerous and wayward and share near and far from your home.

let show you some hospitality

An excellent post from @kyleislikekyle on bicycle safety!

"Safety for cyclists starts before you become a cyclist. The first step is positive, happy advocacy."

I did a "Chart of the Day" link/post on about commuting time. So far the comments are awesome:
- "consider the opportunity cost, [not just dollars]"
- "ebike commuting is like being on vacation [vs a much shorter drive]"
- "I willingly go out of my way [while biking to work]"

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My instance is gonna do that most Minnesota thing and have a hotdish potluck, I love them so much.

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a little something for @Jennybellium and all other science-doing friends

A new streetsmn author, James, writes about electric assist bikes! He’s super knowledgeable and passionate on the subject, so this post is worth a read.

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related: the wikipedia article on Reddy Kilowatt is truly amazing

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Sometimes I turn around and find this dog toy has entered the room on its own.

An awesome alternative to audible for audiobooks:, where you can choose which independent bookstore your purchase supports. I chose Subtext Books in downtown St. Paul.

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Don't buy turbo tax if you made 66k a year or less in 2018 and were younger than 51. You can do it through H&R Block for free and it includes everything, including student loan interest. link below, boost for awareness

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