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It’s excellent the way you do not fly like I do. You mostly stay on the ground in ways I can not and will not. Keep up the good work.

In admiration,

A Hawk

I wrote this, about :transit: cops being incompatible with an initiative to promote "respect, kindness and inclusion."

I wrote a post about my boulevard garden, including the sad loss of a tree, and the happy gain of many plants from my neighbors/friends.

MSP Social: we already know what you're trying to teach us.

mh (neg-ish), adhd/Depression feels 

Here at Beach City we encourage you to write alt text for your images. If you can't, no problem, but if you can it will help people with limited or no vision. (Yes they are reading your toots.)

For advice on what to put in image descriptions, the Royal National Institute for Blind people has this to say about Twitter:

For more discussion:

Thanks for making mastodon a little friendlier!

My neighborhood newspaper published possibly the worst political cartoon to ever exist, so I contributed some, um, insightful commentary 🙄 ✊ 🍆

(image descriptions in replies)

reminder that you, yes YOU, dear reader, are invited to the hotdish potluck tonight! this very night!! bring over a hotdish. see the calendar for details.
see you soon!

i thiiiiiink tomorrow might be leaf day. the first buds on the trees may come open and let us peek some green leaf, perhaps!

A timely and insightful article from @laflaneuse on Mississippi River boulevard in St. Paul, and the vast overrepresentation of SFH in [basically everything], including our perceptions.

“Using that county map, I calculate that 18 percent of housing units in single-family houses take up 78 percent of the residential land along this street in Highland while the 80 percent of total housing units that are in apartment buildings use only 18 percent of the residential land.”

Cyclists, here's a good article to reference the next time someone goes off about cyclists that break traffic laws:

short version: some people are jerks, it's a tiny problem compared to dangerous driving, better infrastructure and education would help

If you live and/or bike in St. Paul, now is the time to tell the city council that we want an Ayd Mill Road Greenway instead of spending $3.5 million to repave Ayd Mill as-is. The St. Paul Bicycle Coalition has more info here:

:flag_stp: 🚲

“it promotes plastic junk and works against transit riders, walkers, pedestrians, and women who travel in any of those ways“

In fact I like this so much that years ago @Jennybellium metalsmithed an excerpt of it for me on this piece: All this I desire

Reminder to y’all,

April is autism awareness month. Couple of things:

1) do not support Autism Speaks. At all. They silence the voices of actual autistic people and seek a “cure” and compare us to cancer

2) stop and call out others reducing autism to a punchline and/or insult

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