Imagine punting on parking meters to pander to local businesses but then suggesting a sales tax to pay for roads.

This city is batshit crazy for cars.

Grand Old Creamery
CM Busuri

Tarrence really bringing the STwRONG trifecta.

Please fill this out. We need 1 lane frontage roads and major traffic calming.

Here's the horrible news I've been sitting on for a couple weeks.

Drive-thru national chain coffee coming to Randolph/Hamline.

I called out TG and he's mad that I did it on a 6 week old post.

Anything to ignore the substance.

Anyone a U of M or Mac employee/alum? I have a thread on twitter showing some [earth sciences] professors using their work emails to NIMBY a 4-plex on Grand.

We really need to ban left turns from WB St Clair to SB Snelling during construction. But I've complained enough about the city's handling of this area so if anyone else feels like emailing...

"Would you want to make a brewery kid friendly?"

I don't know, Karen. So I can have a beer and spend time with my kid at the same time, maybe? Fuck off.

Anyone see if my cones were still out at Carbucks this morning?

Love when a [have to assume] Boomer pops in my twitter mentions to tell me that the garbage lawsuit isn't the fault of "rich old whites"

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⚠️ Endorsement Alert: former chair of St Paul Republican party endorses Kassim Busuri for Ward 6.

"As I get older, I often wonder who from the next generation is going to step up and lead our great city. One such individual is Kassim Busuri."

Apparently SPPD was called. Not sure why it never made any news or tweets.

From an eye witness account (told 3rd hand btw so take w/ grain of salt):

cyclist was EB on Summit, driver SB on Albert. Driver didn't yield and cyclist hit passenger door at full speed.

No word if SPPD was involved.

A cyclist was hit on Summit this last Saturday (@hfranzy tweeted me at the time) but I have seen zero official posting anywhere (SPPD or PiPress)

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