Garden, MH+ 

Spent some of my tiny supply of spoons on some gardening for mental health purposes (results: mixed?). Got some foxglove, cardinal flower, woodland phlox, and blueberries in the ground in the boulevard. Limiting plantings to 3 feet because of draconian municipal regulations is a pain when apparently every MN wildflower is 20 feet tall.

Eye contact 

Child 2 at the St Paul Public School walkout this afternoon. They made me do a second lap because "protesting is fun".

MNPol shitposting 

Quar-few 3: Electric Abolish the Police

Police murder 

Press getting hit with rubber bullets. Guess it's spring in MN again.


Sff books 

"Gods, Monsters and the Lucky Peach" is the best sf novella about climate change, post-humanism and Sumerian myth I've ever read and I regret putting it off for two years.

Don't want to jinx it, MN, but both the garlic chives and fiddleheads are peaking through the dead leaves. I think it might officially be spring.


To be clear, absolutely get vaccinated. But our system's priorities are beyond fucked

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No, corporate lawyer dude that's somehow an "essential" worker, I will not be hitting "like" on your vaccine selfie. Hahaha, wtf are you doing Minnesota?

Mpls trial 

It's gonna be a good month for pre-emptively blocking everyone from the burbs, huh?

Saw someone refer to Mumford & Sons as "Imagine Wagons" last night and nearly woke up the entire block laughing

90% of my social media use is because of people abandoning RSS, and I take that personally


I've learned it IS possible to have a 17 day headache. Also, time has lost what semblance of meaning it had as I thought it had only been 10 days.

American healthcare is tucked up.

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MN covid 

I feel like the MDH outreach seems really comprehensive and informative mostly just to people who don't actually have conditions that are supposed to be addressed by MDH vaccine outreach.


I'm in the Planning Commission meeting.
I'm in the gabapentin withdrawal.
I'm in the combination Planning Commission meeting and gabapentin withdrawal.

I only today learned that "colloidal oatmeal" is a thing, apparently.

That's messed up. Just admit you slather yourself in cream of wheat, people. You don't have to get WEIRD about it.


I kind of hate that a local progressive paper can run an article about a successful Venezolana expat and instead of pride my first reaction is, "Oh christ the chavistas are gonna be insufferable today"

People keep calling me on the phone and attempting to use their voices to communicate with me. Is this a fetish thing?

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