Winds start settling down this afternoon, cooler weather arrives Wed, and after today, it will be dry through Thursday.

Strong northwest winds are expected to develop overnight and gradually ease Sunday. Wind gusts of 50 mph are

We'll get one more quick hit of rain this evening before drying out for the next several days.

There are a couple of patches of dense fog over MN this morning. Use caution, slow down, and use low beam headlights if driving this

Tornadoes in late October? 22 years ago today, there were 14 on Oct 26, 1996 across the central third of MN. Five were rated F2, seven F1, and two F0. One of the most unusual series of tornadoes in MN; from 1950-1995 there had only been ten October…

A cloudy, wet start to the weekend, but rain chances decrease by Sunday. Warmer and some sun on Monday.

Light rain will continue throughout the day, amounts will be light with less than 0.25" of rain expected. Cloudy weather continues through the weekend with additional chances for light rain possible.

The Sun and our region are "on a break." Cloudy and chances of rain each day through the weekend.

Plenty of opportunities rain in the coming days, with highs hanging out near 50.

Showers possible tomorrow through the weekend. Best chance of heavier rain comes Saturday night into Sunday morning.

Here's a look at our increasing cloud cover on GOES-East satellite imagery.

Today will be our last chance to enjoy mainly sunny skies before another multi day run of cloudy skies begins Thursday.

This evening was perfect for releasing a weather balloon. Clear and nearly calm winds allow us to see the balloon tens of thousands of feet above. This photo was taken about 5 minutes after the release. The balloon is within the yellow…

Wow! Great mammatus clouds outside NWS Albany this aft'n. A few spotters sent us pictures of these clouds which were visible in the Capital District. These clouds are usually associated with t-storms & occur when temperatures cool rapidly with height.…

Clouds and chances of rain begin Wednesday night and last into the weekend.

Think you're going to hit it big tonight? We are crossing our fingers here too! ;-) Not to be a buzzkill, but being a scientific agency we have to point out your chances of being killed by natural disasters are significantly higher. Bottom line is…

Sunny skies and light winds are expected today, but cloudy and wet weather will arrive by Thursday.

It's looking more and more like wet weather will return starting Thursday, and could last into early November

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