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Food (instapot experimenting) 

This shouldn't be good but here we are:

- 1 box of aldi mac and cheese (the kind with sauce instead of powder)
~ 2/3 cup red lentils
- 1 Jalapeno
- 3 slices turkey bacon, chopped
- 1 small sweet onion, chopped.

Add lentils and jalapeno with some water to instapot for 4 mintues.

Manually depressurize, add everything else, a splash more water, and pressurize for another ~3 minutes.

This was one tasty mistake!

I call it "Split Mac n Cheese" or
"Mac n Split Peas".

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I just came across this website that is a nice compendium of the trails in the MSP Metro (Counties of Anoka, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey, Washington).


Then later, I went to Burger King.
The people that came in after me were having a bad time so I gave my drink and bought a sauce for them.

I wish I'd thought sooner to give them all the cash in my wallet. It was a situation where they really needed the ~$35 much more than me.
As they were walking away I heard them say "it will be okay. We only spent $3."

Neither of these instances were the people white.
My heart weeps for the injustices and abundant disparities of housing and food.

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Yesterday, someone was kicked out of the apartment across the alley from us (roommate issues, not evicted) and I let them use my phone so they could get a ride.

Talking to them and hearing them say "fuck, now I'm homeless" hit in a way I never knew.

The ride called back and I gave directions to get to the person waiting.

I then spent the next hour reflecting on my privilege that I always know where I'll be sleeping or where my next meal is.

Food (non veg) 

I generally avoid pork when there are other options, and I actively despise bacon, but goddamn if a BLT isn't a perfect summer sandwich.

Light, crisp, refreshing.

It was a great dinner tonight.

With all the seed and planting research I've been doing the last few months, I'm grateful I took Latin in high school.

I don't remember everything, but when reading I recognize some suffixes and I'll have small "ah-ha" moments every once in a while.

Nostalgia is neat.


Also, now that I'm looking at a screenshot instead of a spreadsheet, I'm impressed with the varieties of color I hope to get. And spread throughout a whole year.

I'm so excited!!

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plants, productivity 

The 2nd seed order came today. A whole day early!

I also spent today laying out the plants in a spreadsheet (surely there's a better way, but I've got nothing better to do.)

The only downfall is I still need to wait 16 months for the true results. At least May comes sooner than November.

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Looking for a 2D animator for a short project! Marginalized folks especially encouraged to apply! This is a paid gig!

Interested? Email with your portfolio!

Please boost!

Nature sighting. 

I've seen lots of wildlife this past week.

J and I went to Paynesville, MN to her family cabin and while on a bike ride, we saw 3 deer. Some were in stride, some were hiding and watching us from the woods.
Then we saw an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Caterpillar (Caterpie!) on some plywood.

When we got home I saw a handful of grasshoppers jumping in our front yard, and this morning I saw a cricket on our fence gate. It didn't even flinch when I got close!



Finally did it.
Placed the final order (3 of 3) for grass seed (though this species is called Blue Grama) along with 18(!) other pollinator and habitat seed varieties and 5 Hyacinth roots that were on sale.

Starting to think I'm going overboard, but hell. If seeds are gonna be the currency of the future, this is a pretty good nest-egg.

I'm happy to share this wealth both before and after the apocalypse.

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deleted toot because I was unnecessarily jumping in to a conversation with no need.

Finances + 

In some good news, it's worth noting that despite Covid and everything else the Minimum Wage in Minneapolis still increased. ($.75!)

Also that even though I worked 11 hours last week, I still get a portion of my UI (which tells me I'll still qualify for the lifesaving Federal $600).


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big brain tech guys love to be like I ONLY RESPECT LOGIC AND SCIENCE and when you point out that cars physically take up too much space to ever be efficient for mass urban transportation they link to you tesla propaganda

'Murica 👎 

Lot of booms everywhere tonight.

I went on a very short bike ride about an hour ago and heard pops and bangs from all directions. On the way home I saw squads at the restaurant a block away (the only one remaining) as well as our neighbor that lights mortars yelling at cops.

Then our group chat lit up, and now supposedly there are 4 squads in a standoff with the person who lives in the RV down the street.

Booms and pops still going. There is nothing civil or celebratory about this.

"Holiday" (profane) 

American Independence Day is cancelled because American Police have killed more American Citizens than Foreign Terrorists.
A month ago I saw military tanks on my street.
We've got Independence from what?
Freedom and Liberty?

France, Great Britain and expensive tea don't sound too bad at all right now.

Additionally, all fireworks can fuck right off. Forever.


Back to work in an hour.

I am so damn anxious I can't do anything except watch the clock.

Frustrating that so many of my thoughts are either: No Show or to go there and get fired for not working hard enough.
This is horrible.

Food + (recipe) 

Well, I didn't finish the soup, and saw it in the fridge a few days ago.

Tonight I took the leftovers and added:
Nutritional Yeast
some flax meal
and some water.

Mixed it into a thick batter, pan fried, and served with lemon juice.

I think I just figured out how to make some semblance of veggie burgers!

Now to make that lemon juice into a vegan aioli...

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crossword puzzle clues with "?" at the end are like slant rhymes but for concepts

plants, ancient website 

Read this ancient blog post about the difference between Grasses, Sedges, and Rush(es?)!


MH - "friendship" 

Additionally, it keeps getting harder to make friends, though I give all I can to every person I meet.

For the last decade - for 90% of reaching out to people, and after months of no contact - I'm greeted with "I was just thinking about you!" or "I was just about to text you!"

Welp, same thing happening again.

I reached out to a coworker during the covid closures and got the same damn response.
Of course now I'm on the schedule, they're hollering to switch shifts.


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MH --- 

Rode in a car yesterday and my jaw still hurts from how tense it made me.

Also, tomorrow is my first shift at Longfellow Grill in 3.5 months and I couldn't sleep last night and I can't eat today due to anxiety about being with people, not to mention my neighborhood is still burnt and that's trauma I'm going to be carrying with me for quite some time.

A snarky positive: on top of COVID protections, maybe it's a good thing I'm wearing a mask so people can't watch me frown.

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