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Mpls Pol :boost_ok: 

It's Municipal Election Season in Minneapolis, MN!

This is what activates me every 4 years: Local Elections.

ICYMI, :birdsite: user @Dbrauer has a nice spreadsheet tracking who's running for what office

I personally tend to vote and follow candidates with my heart. I'm no poli-scientist, but I am a resident.

Any and all discourse accepted and encouraged.
Just be sure to CW appropriately!

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Food (instapot experimenting) 

This shouldn't be good but here we are:

- 1 box of aldi mac and cheese (the kind with sauce instead of powder)
~ 2/3 cup red lentils
- 1 Jalapeno
- 3 slices turkey bacon, chopped
- 1 small sweet onion, chopped.

Add lentils and jalapeno with some water to instapot for 4 mintues.

Manually depressurize, add everything else, a splash more water, and pressurize for another ~3 minutes.

This was one tasty mistake!

I call it "Split Mac n Cheese" or
"Mac n Split Peas".

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I just came across this website that is a nice compendium of the trails in the MSP Metro (Counties of Anoka, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey, Washington).

Hooray the sun is up. beaming through the window, giving me energy for the day.

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My sleep has gotten very poor again =(

waking up early and unrested makes for a long day.

Alc (+) 

Yesterday was the first day I didn't have any alcohol since the last time I had a day without alcohol!

It's nice because I didn't get a beer for my ride home, took a long ride, and when I got home, I was okay not having a beer. (It's also possible the smoke from outside gave my body a response that said I didn't need any more toxins in my body)

I'm also happy I've gotten a new water bottle that makes drinking water fun, as well as all the N/A beverages I've started experimenting with.

Climate PAC idea 

A PAC or benchmarking agency that tracks and gives climate ratings to people in elected office.

It would not comment on people campaigning, but would follow incumbents during their term and if they ran for re-election.

There would be metrics based on votes they make, and the ratings would be letter-grades, but on a curve where an "A" is damn near impossible.

(how does one start this and how much energy would it take to pull together? Or does one exist?!)

Climate - 

I'm also reading through the emails of the day and learning that Minnesota is now on a water-restriction due to the drought.

I have so many thoughts and feelings but no words.

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Climate - 

There was a massive difference in the air quality (and scent) between me leaving my home at 9am, and leaving the bike shop at 5pm.

The morning had a slight haze, and the air smelled a little stale(?), but when I left at 5, I did a double-take around me to see if Tin Whiskers or anyone else was grilling. The scent of smoke was very present.

And now, after taking my dogs outside, the strength of the scent of the air made me stop what I was doing and feel the gravity of it all.

Update: A few days have passed and I still have ZERO unread emails!


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:bi_cycle: (personal) 

Sure, its unfortunate for me, but I've got other bikes, so I mostly feel that emotion that comes with an invasion of privacy.

I also feel for the people who stole it. I hope they get good use out of it. I really like that bike.

If not, I wish they had the finances they needed for shelter, or the proper supports for chemical use.

I wish everyone had a bicycle or two for fun and transportation instead of seeing them as a way to make quick cash.

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:bi_cycle: (bad) 

Little did I know that would be my last time riding that bike because the lock was cut and it was taken from my yard last night. :(

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:bi_cycle: (good) 

Yesterday I went on a bike ride to do some errands and I had a grand old time. The highlight of the trip was somehow passing the same group of people twice!

Once just past the Stone Arch bridge, and another on 18th ave NE by The Quarry.

ah, the sunk costs of waiting on hold for 25 minutes trying to activate a phone...

you know how US cities could be less polluting per capita???

fucking make it possible to get from anywhere to anywhere by train 24/7 and then ban cars

Covid lyfe? ++ 

The artist is Mae Simpson.

I don't want to steer any judgement by words to describe them, so here's a link to their Spotify.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. (I'm still listening to them. I can't get enough!!!)

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Covid lyfe? ++ 

I went to a concert tonight on a whim invite from my neighbor-friend.

I felt energized from the artistry radiating from the stage. I had a wholly pure experience with a friend. I danced in my own unique way and felt free and safe. I watched other people dance and be themselves.

I complimented the person who carded me on their shirt that said "SEQUEERITY".

I observed culture and humanity - something that has been sorely lacking from my life for quite some time.

Much joy.

Hi all,
Thank you for being here. You're good and honest people and and I'm happy to know you IRL or even just digitally. Peace to you :maybe_hug_empathy:

car observations 

An unofficial observation of the occupants of vehicles waiting at a single red light while crossing the Franklin Bridge tonight at 6:30pm:

I didn't get a count of the total number of vehicles waiting, but for the vehicles I saw with multiple occupants, all the occupants were people of color.

But for the vehicles I saw that only had one occupant (the driver), all but one were driven by white people.

Today I had a bee sting my thigh while I was walking in the grass.
No bad feelings though, IMO It is me that was trespassing.

climate change :birdsite: MNWX 👎 

Forecast in 2 weeks. This scares me so much and I feel unprepared and frozen about how to help others.

I'm reminded of a conversation about increasingly hot summers with @Jennybellium and @kyleislikekyle just 6 weeks ago... in the first heatwave of 2021.

My day (food, fun) 

I spent today with our friend-neighbors where we to Hidden Beach with a pitstop at Caffetto and Bebe Zito for food, ice cream and espresso.

Then when we were done with our fun in the sun we cooked dinner together, and had a great time.

When we were participating in commerce, I made sure to look the people providing me service in the eye, tip well, and I also signed a guy's umbrella and gave him $2.

I hope you had an equally great day!

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