Here's a nice reminder that turf grass is just simply bad. (far left)

Now all I want is to grow plants for pollinators and for water quality.

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@Neomischa they like it because it's easy to pull out

@raphaelbastide @Neomischa I guess which way is up and which way is down depends on your species

@Neomischa but also, it can live on top of a concrete slab with dirt on it

@Shufei I got some seeds earlier in the season and it is beginning to get established!
Minimal difference in appearance to Bluegrass or fescue, and a pleasant texture too (very fine blades).

I also hope the deeper roots are more resilient to our dogs playing on them.

Worth sharing in my research that Blue Grama is another low growing species of native perennial ground cover.

@qwazix @Neomischa

It's ineffective for holding down topsoil against erosion, for one thing.

@qwazix in addition to the other responses, deeper roots are much more drought tolerant, and I have also read that, like foliage on perennials, roots also die back over time, and the channels the "dead" roots bore in the soil allow for better water drainage as well as providing a lot of habitat for insects and creatures we rarely see.

Tag yourself on the toot above, I am cylindrie blazing star

@Neomischa this seems to explain why turf grass always dies during drought unless you water it constantly

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