Fun fact: If you get bottled water delivery and happen to live in a very cold climate … and you forget about said delivery … it will freeze. It will freeze very solid. In related news, I am now the proud owner of 25 gallons of solid ice. :(

The current temperature is -18.4°F (-28°C), but it feels like -38.2°F (-39°C).

I really love Apple Watch competitions, I find them motivating even when I’m losing. That said, I really wish Apple would remove the “other” category, it’s not transparent and it’s like competing against an unknown. What do others think?

Pairing socks together takes way too much time, so I thought I’d be clever and safety pin them together. I was excited to do laundry today thinking of all the time I’d save. Now I’m finding safety pins everywhere, just not in my socks. So much for that clever idea.

Holiday Station. Just gasing up before the long trip home through the snow.

North Dakota State University. Can’t believe Gabby is old enough to be doing the college tour thing, but here we are.

Over the years, I’ve made various contributions to the field of accessibility, some bigger than others. When applying for something at work today, I realize how much of that isn’t documented and I learned what’s not documented doesn’t count. This is sad-making for me on many levels.

I just ate a fortune cookie and my fortune said, “Hallelujah!” That’s it. What kind of fortune is … I mean, I don’t even know what to do with that. I am officially vexed by a fortune cookie. :)

Let’s talk iOS podcast clients for a minute. I’ve been using Overcast for years and really like it, but I’m hearing more and more about other options like Castro and even Apple’s own Podcast client. What are your favorites and why?

I went to the dentist today, got my first ever filling. “You did a great job”, she said. “Do I get a reward”, I asked? “If you were a child”, she said, “you would get an action figure.” Let me tell you, age discrimination is alive and well. lol.

This morning it was 45 degrees with a gentle rain, almost perfect for this time of year. Now it’s 21 headed for 0 and all that rain has frozen into a solid sheet of ice which is now getting covered with blowing snow. What a mess.

I realize errors like “Unable to access Fitness+ at this time” are inevitable, but do they have to happen when I’m 22 minutes into a 30 minute workout? Ugg.

I am now officially on vacation through the end of the year. I can’t describe the feeling of joy that came over me as I closed the lid of my work laptop; what a year this has been. Excited to begin working on a number of personal projects that I’ve put off for way way too long.

I have to explore it more as I know there’s a lot of accessibility built in, but I suspect Apple Maps is way more powerful than I realize.

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