I totally want to go to this. COVID Concert: Metallica To Record Socially Distant Show For Drive-In Movie Theaters – CBS Dallas / Fort Worth dfw.cbslocal.com/2020/08/10/co

New iOS14 image recognition is great for accessibility, but "contains adult content" seems misleading: SteveSawczyn.micro.blog/2020/0

Lake Nokomis. My first time kayaking. Had lots of fun and am excited to try it again.

Microsoft has a little gem in Windows 10 called Quick Assist, who knew? Not sure that this will be accessible unless it redirects remote audio, but still a very neat, and free option worth knowing about. community.windows.com/en-us/st

Apologies for posting that last audio twice, I’m not sure what happened there. :(

Doritos are a fantastic snack, but : inhaling dorito crumbs just before getting on a call where you have to present is a bad plan. Caughing and hacking my way through this presentation, I’m sure it’s making a stellar impression.

Gooseberry Falls State Park. A really neat state park, would love to come back when we have more time to explore.

Moose Head Lake. Checking out oddities on our way to Duluth.

I wonder if the audio fileformat somehow influences whether the player will work with VoiceOver on mobile both of the microcasts I’ve published were in mp3, I’ll try ‘m4a next time and see if it matters.

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