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Hi all. Sugarbush is my playa name, my legal name is Sarah. I'm an artist, ecogeek, and practicing Druid in North Minneapolis (Camden).

I'm likely to post a lot of climate activism and notes from my kitchen and garden. It might get a little woo. But, like, not *too* woo.

Here to make friends in a low stakes, algorithm-free environment. Nice to meet you.

Also, the sun feels strong enough to burn the fair-skinned. Get out in it, get your vitD, but don't overdo it friends.

Flower buds have begun to emerge from their hard winter shells.

They are fuzzy.

They have no idea what's going on.

Anyone in MSP need potash for soil amendment? I've got two catfood bags full today

Illness, death (v sad) 

And thank you to Mastodon for having CWs so I could tell that story without dropping it willy nilly on people. I don't post stuff like that to fb for a reason.

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Illness, death (v sad) 

I love my new cat Frankie very much. He has twitchy kitten dreams.

Frankie came to live with me after my old lady Needle passed away. She was 18, and we were together most of her life. Then one night something happened, she collapsed with seizures. It took 20 hours to get in to help her die in peace.

I held her. The seizures came in waves. It was terrifying and heartbreaking.

Anyway, that's what I see when Frankie has twitchy kitten dreams. I hope that passes someday.


Looks like I'm gonna finish this season's first batch of syrup today!


Correction: no flood alert for Mississippi; it's Minnesota at Fort Snelling that is impacted at St Paul. Generally, Miss at Shepard Rd goes next.

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And of course, it _would not stop raining_

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We have officially entered flood season!

Mississippi at St Paul and Minnesota at Savage are now in flood stage.

If you recall, last year we hardly left flood stage, waters were high all summer long. Also spring came much later and we had a lot more snowpack, so I'm optimistic that this year will return to baseline.

We'll see, tho, March has got a way about her.

Relaxing on the porch. Church bells chiming "We Shall Overcome"

I hecking love Northside

COVID-19; advice 

A tenfold increase in handwashing will also increase paper towels use public bathrooms.
* Shake your wet hands, fiercely, 10 times over the sink
* Take ONE paper towel (after all that shaking, it'll suffice)
* Carry a hankie and use no towels at all
* Tell your friends

Also: bag balm for your poor chapped hands.

Or clean all the crap off your porch, which is what I'm doing today. 😻

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Sap has stopped. Go outside and rake up your mulch! (gently)

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