More context on the significance of separating Metro Mobility from the regular budget.


Whoa, looks like a transit nerd got Walz's ear on this budget proposal. Metro Mobility is a federally mandated, extremely expensive service that's been eating up the MT budget. Funding it separately ensures that it's sustainable without cannibalizing other transit.



That we’ve lately heard next to nothing about Klobuchar’s record as a prosecutor is also a condemnation of our public records law and accessibility of court records.


we're going to have exclusive later tonight of council member Cunningham sheepishly saying he wanted to put a "legal cannabis business incubator" into the concept plan. Apparently some stodgy adults told him he couldn't.

3rd amendment: "community benefits agreement will be embedded in the redevelopment agreement"

Cunningham and Ellison with an amendment to explore options for the city to continue to own the land underneath the development as public trust.

Intermedia Arts has sold their Lyn-Lake building, paid off debts, and now must decide what to do with $1.5 million leftover.

Rumors proliferate about Lisa Bender's commute mode.

RT I was thinking she'd take up prancercizing.


Expected ownership structure for the concert venue: similar to the Guthrie and Walker parking structure. City is the landowner with longterm lease to the nonprofit owner.

Council Member Gordon has concerns about buildings close to the river, and buildings between the parkway and the river.

Frank: "The spirit of the concept plan is general direction... the engineering has not yet occurred." Year of community engagement ahead.

David Frank, CPED director: "This is the city's top development priority, and we expect to get as many benefits here for the public, on the city's behalf, as we can."

Future phases for Upper Harbor Terminal described as "wide open." Could include: more housing, completing the park and riverfront. "Five (or more) private development components."

"We admit that while the restructuring is happening we have imperfect information... We commit to return to the city council no later than July 31st of this year to give you an update on how that's transpiring."

"We are ready to report that we understand they are restructuring businesses under the Thor companies brand... Ravi Norman and Richard Copeland are important business leaders in the community and deserve the benefit of the doubt during the restructuring."

Thor, which is part of development team, is having "financial difficulties."

Staff has received the most feedback about the outdoor music performance venue. 50 ticketed events each year, with availability for community uses.

Commercial space for 10-20 businesses. Could range from 40,000 to 85,000 sq ft. "the goal: to have community ownership model for all of this commercial space... to provide for local entrepreneurship and community wealth building opportunities."

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