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Lines are open today and tomorrow and tests are available - no symptoms, payment, insurance, or IDs required. More information here: mn.gov/governor/news/index.jsp twitter.com/ltgovflanagan/stat

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I’ve seen people jump away when crossing paths with someone else on the sidewalk. That’s not how transmission likely works here.

Sustained exposure is a piece of the puzzle. twitter.com/cnn/status/1264337

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Joint statement from ⁦⁦@MayorCarter@twitter.com⁩ and me on today’s guidance from the state for reopening places of worship in Minnesota 👇

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Didn't realize the parks were open for team sports until my walk earlier today. Basketball hoops open at Mueller and Bryant Square parks. Large soccer game happening at Bryant Square.

People and communities are being crushed economically as a trade-off to save lives. But the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod demands to reopen so we must allow it.

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Gov. Walz commenting on Gov. Walz's decision to let churches reopen: "To be candid, the 250 number terrifies me …"

It's wonderful.

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@WedgeLIVE@twitter.com I found it on Facebook market place while apartment hunting and decor is... intense.

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Hey @WedgeLIVE@twitter.com the cats of the Hamline Midway are coming out in style. “Catio” found (entire backyard was fenced to 12’ ish)

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Hi Everyone. Those of you who know me know that I'm not a big "make myself the story" kind of guy. But considering the amount of response this video has received, I'd like to give you some more context in a thread here. At the end, I hope you'll watch the story we aired at 6pm. twitter.com/PaulBlume_FOX9/sta

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This has been especially hard on our seniors. We honor their sacrifice.

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How many super-spreaders attended your college graduation party today? Did they bring a special gift?

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We may finally see @NiceRideMN@twitter.com's fleet of e-bikes this year.

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This is nice! @NiceRideMN@twitter.com

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My favorite part is that he felt like he had to make it clear there will be no spoon-feeding of the real baby until 5 or 6 months after birth.

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Mayor Frey to City Council Member: My hand is not an airplane and you are not my baby.

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Neat map of Minneapolis jobs-versus-residents density map. cc: @streetsmn@twitter.com @WedgeLIVE@twitter.com twitter.com/82_Streetcar/statu

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Reading the TAP on biking makes it clear how much more the city understands biking than walking/using wheelchairs.


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