Writing up my Ward 10 endorsement now. I'm going to say "if you absolutely feel compelled to rank a non-viable third choice, Wheeler is your candidate."

It's a test to see if David Wheeler clips my words to make it look like I said: "absolutely... Wheeler is your candidate."

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Looks spooky

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Big bike ride 5pm tomorrow at Smith Triangle!

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In conclusion and in summary, I'm ready for our big dumb election to be over. Thanks for allowing me to repeat the same half dozen tweets over and over. None of it has made me feel better. I look forward to having Council President Mickey Moore on the podcast in 2022.

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I stand with Mayor Frey in saying it shouldn't be in the charter. Bring our city's budget back under democratic control.

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Star Tribune is focusing heavily on the charter amendment questions in their assessments, but that doesn't really capture the essence of these candidates. Show enough deference to power and they can overlook the ignorance.

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If you want to keep the special guarantee won by the police union in 1961, you don't actually support a "both/and" approach. You support a "police should eat all our money and how dare you suggest people elected by voters make these decisions" approach.

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Nearly all other city governments set their police budgets through a normal legislative process. Question 2 lets the mayor and council - the people we elect - decide how to fund and staff public safety functions.

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It's weird how we dance around the fact that Jeremy Schroeder and colleagues' demonstrable "intent" (their votes!) is to pursue a "both/and" approach (we're hiring cops as fast as we can!) but the Star Tribune editorial board waves it away.

Update: We've got a full slate of Star Tribune endorsements. The Mayor's PAC "All of Mpls" still promising that Ward 10 is "forthcoming." t.co/2bzaPnhgQA

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Classic David Wheeler move to convince his friends he got the Star Tribune endorsement, which he did not actually get.

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I moderated a forum for Plymouth Church last week about Question 2 in Minneapolis (public safety amendment).

Give it a watch, get educated, then vote! And thank the folks at @VoteMpls@twitter.com for their work.

More: youtube.com/watch?v=k0-S7YooW_ @WedgeLIVE@twitter.com @SWVoicesMPLS@twitter.com

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NEW: A group of seven state legislators from Minneapolis announced … I guess you’d call it an anti-endorsement of Mayor Jacob Frey

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Endorsement: In Ward 1, Elliott Payne is a bright spot in a difficult year. His experience, energy, and interest in the policy details are just what we need.

It's ok to feel giddy about the Star Tribune lighting its reputation on fire and dragging us all down a deep dark hole. We can all jump into that deep dark hole tomorrow. For now, savor this moment.

This dual endorsement has the feel of mom making you eat a meal that tastes really bad so you take it all in your mouth at once to get it over with.

Governor's Mask Leaves Nothing to the Imagination, Exciting Female Fans

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