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Starting August 28th the Midtown Greenway will be closed at Freemont Ave for 10 weeks.

A detour will take folks along Bryant, 28th St, & Girard Ave. 28th St will be restriped for two way bike traffic.


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Little known history of the Minneapolis skyway system, invented by Abner Theodore Skyway III, and inspired by gophers.

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Who's camping out on Lyndale on Wednesday night so they can snag one of these Aldi golden tickets?

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Do you have scooter concerns? Sound off in the replies.

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UPDATE: SUV driver who crashed into Eagan Starbucks Monday night arrested for DWI. Two customers seated on patio struck and seriously injured.

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Seems like everyone else got to meet Elizabeth Warren while I was listening to concerns about sand volleyballers.

Lest you think Katie Jones is a tyrant, she spent much of the meeting getting heckled and is extremely mild mannered.

I thought the reaction to triplexes was over the top but we may not ever recover from the sand volleyball wars of 2019.

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Good morning ⁦@CityMinneapolis@twitter.com⁩! PW out in the middle of the night again painting up more surprises. Great crew! Bet they are tired.

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Answers to tonight's quiz. Did you find them all? Let me know in the replies.

If you appreciated tonight's coverage of park politics, support it. patreon.com/wedgelive

If you learn just one thing about park politics, let it be this.

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Kenwood Parkway bike trail: likely that zero trees would be lost, says Adam from the Park Board. Sorry Adam, but telling people no trees will be lost is not going to ameliorate concerns about lost trees.

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Who's camping out on Lyndale on Wednesday night so they can snag one of these Aldi golden tickets?

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Fresh coat of northbound bus lane juice on Hennepin ⁦@WedgeLIVE@twitter.com⁩

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People can't stop talking about long-armed Realtor® Kris Lindahl in tonight's edition of .

Intelligent commentary isn't my beat.

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@WedgeLIVE@twitter.com Hope you caught the very intelligent CAC member from the Wedge commenting on narrow roads slowing down traffic.

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