I unearthed this cat painting while helping a friend move, which is another way of saying I have acquired this cat painting.

🚨 Endorsement alert: Pete Buttigieg snags Gary Schiff. I expect Bloomberg to counter by purchasing the Gary Schiff memorial billboard.

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Minnesota endorsements for Pete Buttigieg.

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Wishing you and your tubes a speedy recovery, Brad.

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@WedgeLIVE@twitter.com Only thing I knew that was in disarray that night was my ureter.

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Not having quorum Wednesday was unacceptable and the lack of communication from three absent Commissioners is unprofessional. I myself am on a long-planned vacation - the notion it's my fault that commissioners didn't show up or tell anyone they would be gone is ludicrous. twitter.com/DThomasMPLS/status

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Park Board politics heating up. A tree just called for Brad Bourn's resignation and he responded.

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This is remarkable — both the behavior of the elected officials on the Park Board, and the fact that @ATHazzard@twitter.com is the only reporter in town covering this stuff regularly twitter.com/SWjournal/status/1

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What if babies were in charge? To find out, we ran Minneapolis City Hall through a baby filter.

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If you had your eye on the Beauty in Deep Kenwood, it's been sold out from under you.

Are you caucusing Feb 25 in Whittier's precinct 10-9? There's been a last minute location change. You're caucusing at Whittier Park, not MCAD.

The caucus finder website should be updated tomorrow.

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Public schools in Becker are closed today as a huge pile of junked cars continues to burn, sending a plume of noxious smoke into the air. strib.mn/39IPoxC

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This is one reason why it's irresponsible for local elected officials (and the Strib) to reinforce false narratives about crime being out of control in Mpls. Obviously those narratives will be gleefully and dishonestly deployed by the GOP, to hurt Mpls.


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What if babies were in charge? To find out, we ran Minneapolis City Hall through a baby filter.

Park board in disarray.

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Once again no park board meeting tonight due to lack of a quorum. Second time in a month this has happened. President Cowgill is out of town, but no Bourn, French, Hassan or Severson again.

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From today's Saint Paul City Council debate about Ayd Mill Road.

Amy Brendmoen: "In case anyone is wondering, the clock is broken."

Mitra Jalali: "We are just stuck in this moment forever, emblematic of this entire situation."

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