Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Mitras of our lives.


2018: a look back at the year I was turned into a grain of sand by


An entire year has almost passed us by. Read this post to catch up on the top local stories of 2018.

One of my favorite stories of the year was Wedge guy using the phrase "white pastoralism" at a public meeting - followed by months of very aggrieved white people attributing the quote to the city's director of Long-range Planning Heather Worthington.

2019 caucus and convention season is coming to St. Paul.

As far as I know the anti-2040 lawsuit is still happening, so there's no telling how many lawyers get rich off this thing and use the money to bulldoze even more homes. Makes me wonder what Sieben is up to.

You thought just because was over we'd stop talking about bulldozing news? James R Schwebel (of personal injury law firm fame) has paid $800,000 to knock down a single family home and build a much fancier single family home.

Will anyone organize a red sign protest?

RT β€œOverall, maybe she was just frustrated with her kind of having a difference of opinion with so many of the other council members"



Observant reader sends me this note about Palmisano: "slagging staff at a public meeting because you're not getting your way isn't going to make it a happy working environment, no."

I prefer the universe where Lisa Bender lifts weights 6 days a week, has intimidating tattoos, and didn't get Lisa Goodman on board for a 12-1 vote on the comp plan. But that's not the reality we live in.

If there are people at City Hall afraid to be alone with Lisa Bender you can send me tips. You need not use your real name.

Remarkable quotes from Ward 13 Council Member Linea Palmisano. Says City Hall has become a "toxic working environment" for her. Among other things, could be because she spent the comp plan process siccing her constituents on her colleagues.

Campaign season is over which means campaign season is about to start up again.


We never slowed down, and we won't stop.

Join us for my 2019 campaign launch at the Turf on Jan. 15.

RSVP here:


US Internet's fiber coverage maps.

RT ... enhance


I know some people who are going to take this headline personally.


This headline in today's print NY Times moves the Overton window on zoning a few miles toward yimby



This article is quite generous to the elected official who trademarked her political opponent's longstanding blog name, musing over possibly taking control of his online presence, setting conditions for giving it back.


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