Ok, parking discussion. Katie from the Wedge says we keep coming up against a lack of space for park amenities, maybe shrink the parking lot?

The guy next to me seems annoyed that I'm loudly chewing on these chips provided by the park board.

Frustrated guy in the crowd says he has a conference call and would like this baseball discussion to be over. He then gives a shout-out to the book "Death By Meeting."

Paused the tweeting because i can't get myself into this extended discussion about the placement of baseball fields.

This is a vicious attack on my dignity. Eating landlord hotdogs at a pretend renter rally in an Arby's shirt. I'm coming for you, Blois.

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@WedgeLIVE@twitter.com How are the chips John?

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I'm mostly here to see how worked up people can get over their opposition to basketball and sand volleyball.

I've learned they won't be discussing building a parking structure underneath Washburn Fair Oaks Park across from @artsmia@twitter.com. That'll be another meeting on another night.

If you try to take my phone away I'll drip so much sweat on you.

One of the meeting ground rules is put your phone away.

The degree to which we're getting out our "tension" and instructing in proper meeting behavior makes me think they're expecting trouble from this Southwest parks meeting.

I biked over to this Parks meeting. I'm so hot and sweaty, so luckily it's a small cramped room.

More egregious, stealing my hashtag.

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@WedgeLIVE@twitter.com Pretty sure they’re stealing someone’s slogan. Cc: @MoreNeighbors@twitter.com

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I didn't catch this guy's name. He's the fiery one. Says "we used to be a purple state." Now he finds our politics "disgusting." Telling stories about his life as a renter. He was once allowed to have a home even though he was unemployed.

Cecil Smith from MHA, message to City Council: "hey we we need to keep these safe and affordable neighborhoods. The ordinances you are proposing will undo that." He says he's been visiting neighborhood organizations and business organizations.

Ward 12 council member Andrew Johnson emailed ahead to say he couldn't be here tonight.

So someone in this apartment shut their window on the DJ and now it says "vote no." Whatever makes it stop. The persuasion campaign is working.

So far it's just been a really bad DJ. No speakers.

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They have so far played Justin Bieber and NSync. The folks on the Venn Brewing patio are having fun

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