I'm on my way to St Paul where residents of one neighborhood are up in arms about a city scheme to install sidewalks.

Live from St Paul! it's the Woodlawn Jefferson Phase II Residential Paving Project Informational Meeting!

Thank you to all the Wedge LIVE premium members. Because of you, little stories like this don't fall through the cracks.

Meeting hasn't started but a guy here is already talking about "multiple city attorneys."

Design this winter. City council approval in February. Construction to start in summer.

96 homes in the project area. 63 before 1929. Another 21 before 1959.

This neighborhood has an intersection called the "cookie and banana" and people here are overjoyed that it won't get T'd off because that would "tee off" residents. Public works person makes jokes.

Public works person knows there's "a lot of consternation" about sidewalks but we'll get to that later.

Tree guy is here. All ash trees are coming down as part of the project. 26 ash trees. Resident: "Are you taking down the ash trees that we've spent money every year to save?" They will have a conversation about that.

Even some non ash trees will go down due to the project. People are concerned. Tree guy: "Roots get cut. Trees will be compromised."

"right now I'm not hearing anyone standing up to say trees are important."

What about the "migratory pattern of the birds... Have you looked at the impact of that?"

"Do we need to talk to the DNR?"

I feel like I've walked into a lawsuit waiting to happen. We haven't even gotten into sidewalks yet.


"My concern is with the sidewalks. You're going to ruin the neighborhood."

A few people don't want trees to come down to make way for sidewalks.

Tree guy giving a list a trees they're planting. Guy says "I'm 65" and predicts he won't live long enough to see them become legitimate trees.

Guy doesn't believe the city's tree guy understands what this will do to the neighborhood. Another guy has a book and has looked up the name of a guy who planted a specific tree.

"No one here wants this. We pay taxes... Our elected officials don't represent us."

Guy here with a plan. "There is a way out. Requires signatures, a petition." It would mean no sidewalks, but no new roadway. Policy says if you fix the street you must get sidewalks.

"We need to wait until there's a different political environment to change the policy."

"In 10 years we may all be in Ubers."

I have an idea. Turn the street into a sidewalk. Ban cars.

Staff says they can't recommend something against city policy and people here do not accept that is a true thing.

Entitled white people need to learn how to argue better. Sometimes true things stay true even when you don't like the implications.

Boulevard gardens. Remove your plants before construction begins if you want to save them.

Guy questioning the accuracy of property lines on the city's plat maps.

Street light guy unable to get started on his presentation. He gets interrupted and now we're debating the merits of LED lights.

Rehabilitating the existing street lights is going to be expensive. Replacing them is cheaper. Cost borne by residents. But LED is not negotiable.

3000 Kelvin is the city's official color temperature.

city's street light guy: "It's been decided by the city council... We're going to LED." It's better for the environment.

City's street light guy, pressed on tree issue: "I have no opinion trees."

Resident: what about the effect of the street lights on birds?

"it's going to drop the value of the homes to have such bright light."

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@WedgeLIVE @t54r4n1 55405 4evr

walkable lyn-lake 4evr
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walkable franklin, 24th, 26th, 28th

convert lake of the isles into an expressway </shetpostdontchaknow>

@WedgeLIVE @t54r4n1 "this used to be Sebastian Joe's, now it's just a freeway flyover (you got it, you got it)…"

@WedgeLIVE @t54r4n1 @patience i( am patting myself on the head and rubbing my belly and tooting at the same time for this witty talking heads reference)

@WedgeLIVE letting my street deteriorate to the point the potholes wreck my car to own the libs

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