I don't usually come to book readings but I was told Wedge LIVE would be mentioned many many times, so this is officially the hottest ticket in Uptown.

That's an unfortunate misspelling of my name. Send all these books back to the printer.

The book is "Generation Priced Out" by Randy Shaw, who you can follow at @beyondchron.

Author Randy Shaw, recounting watching a wedge live video for the first time: "I didn't know what Bender Boxes were."

Author, singing my praises, just called me Jonathan Richmond. I corrected him. He said "I'm sorry, Jonathan Edwards." (None of the names you are calling me are correct.)

Main point though can't be disputed, wedge live is a difference maker.

Look at Lisa Bender, who showed up to steal my thunder. She's also a topic of this book.

Author has plugged my world changing YouTubes which you can visit at YouTube.com/wedgelive


"Opposition is just as strong on small stuff as big stuff so you might as well do the big stuff." Words of political housing policy wisdom from author Randy Shaw.

Randy Shaw says it's nice to have a pro housing Sierra Club. Seattle and Minneapolis have pro housing environmental groups, and that's important. Bay area environmentalists sue to stop demolition of parking garages.

(in Minneapolis we have pretend environmentalist who do a lot of suing too)

"Portland doesn't have Lisa Bender," is a sentence Randy Shaw used to explain why Portland is "dominated by older white homeowners." (Randy better be careful... Some of those people are here!)

Minneapolis has weak tenant protections. Shaw says we need statewide just cause eviction. San Francisco does much better on that front

(it would be fun if some of Randy Shaw's incendiary quotes got misattributed to Minneapolis director of long range planning Heather Worthington. She's definitely not here tonight. Impossible for her to have said any of these words.)

Shaw says you rarely hear the story about Bloomberg, an NYC Mayor with a pro development reputation, who actually downzoned all the wealthy neighborhoods. It's the poor and working class neighborhoods that got upzoned.

Shaw, commenting on anti renter (non contributors!) sentiment he found working on this book, says tenants are the ones every day making his neighborhood a better place.

"Neighborhood Character" and other similar phrases are exclusionary "code words" says Shaw. (I suspected as much!)

Have to say I lost count of how many times he called me Jonathan Edwards.

Lisa Bender says my name correctly, at least. Love you too.

Randy cut short the anti 2040 plan comment at the end. He really has to go now. (Maybe he'll send you a postcard with future engagement opportunities.)

I stayed behind to correct author Randy Shaw about repeatedly and very incorrectly calling me by the name Jonathan Edwards. He said, "I'm never gonna live that down."

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