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I think the West Calhoun neighborhood org already bargained the height down pretty significantly on this building.

Planner: the city does not have policy that protects views from private property.

Translation: f*@k your views.

Commissioner Cowgill indicates he cares more about people's experience of the lake while they're at the lake.

Your giant riverfront parking garage does not comply with our standards.

Federal Reserve Bank guy calls it the "parking ramp and green space." He has a long list of people (consultant, developer, lobbyist) in the room to answer questions.

Council Member turned lobbyist Jackie Cherryhomes is there. I'm not sure who that is supposed to reassure.

He says in 1997 there were 3000 parking spots in the neighborhood, now there are only 300.

(Hope he talks about all the empty spots in their own lot)

He's using this year's open doors event and others as a reason to build the parking ramp.

"We have a lot of money in our vault." Is he predicting a bank heist if we don't let them build a giant riverfront parking garage?

Going heavy with the fearmongering. Parking ramp will make the area safe. This guy is over the top.

They will set aside 100 parking spaces (out of 800) for the public during business hours.

Council Member Schroeder: "6000 people visited during Open Doors? Where did they park?"

Federal Reserve Guy: made their existing lot available to visitors.

Federal Reserve Bank trying to beat the Planning Commission into submission with an endless presentation from a series of speakers.

Lawn games and dog walking are just two of the activities that the public could take advantage of.

President Rockwell says to third speaker "keep it brief," we've already heard from two of you.

Fourth speaker is the bank's land use lawyer, Carol Lansing.

Lansing says you don't actually have to show that the parking is needed to get city approval. She needs to say this because evidence shows that they aren't using the parking they already have.

Longtime wedge live viewers will be especially horrified to learn this proposed giant riverfront parking garage is located in the shoreland overlay.

She's using the 2018 Wells Fargo parking garage approval as a justification for approval.

That old trick: please stand and raise your hand if you're opposed to this monstrosity.

Neighbor: "While each organization has a different focus, we are united in our opposition to this proposal."

Guy not happy about pollution and car trips added to the neighborhood.

If you can't use the shoreland overlay to block a giant riverfront parking garage, what is it good for?

Opponents with a statistic: 177 tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year due to this parking garage.

North Loop business community guy now speaking in support of the garage. Says he's reducing his personal carbon footprint.

Here's telling the "road warriors" who commute from Wisconsin to try a carpool app. Also suggests a North Loop shuttle to provide access to existing neighborhood parking.

"There's no place to park. Nobody wants to come downtown anymore."

Familiar argument: We are Minneapolis. We are not other cities.

Steve Cramer from Downtown Council is there in support. (This 800 car parking garage will only offer 100 public parking spaces during business hours.)

Situations in which you need a giant riverfront parking garage: When you have four kids and your husband is a sheriff.

Bringing out all the big guns for this parking garage. Dan McConnell of the Minneapolis Building Trades is speaking in support.


"Cities were made for people not for cars." A call to stop investing in car infrastructure.

Climate change concerns: "Nobody likes dealing with climate change." Transportation is the biggest driver. "When is it time to take action?"

I stand in solidarity with the guy who doesn't want this parking garage monstrosity blocking his townhouse.

Guy's argument to his neighbors: you should support the parking otherwise the planning commission might approve housing on this site later.

Younger testifier says you don't solve your parking problem by building your way out of it. Especially considering the Fed only promises 100 public spots during the day.

Next. "this is not a public ramp. We need to keep that in mind."

"As soon as there's a safety issue" at some other facility in the country they'll take the parking away.

Parks Commissioner Chris Meyer is here. He used the word "gargantuan" and calls this proposal an act of "climate vandalism"

Calls out the PhD economists to figure their parking situation with some math.

Sierra Club guy calls this an "investment in the state's largest polluter." Transportation drives carbon pollution and climate change.

Self described member of the "younger generation" says you don't measure the value of a place by how much parking there is.

Basketball happening above this planning commission meeting. Lady steps to the microphone, asks: "what is going on up there with the banging?"

Let's take a scooter tour of Ho Chi Minh City.

I think that sums it up: it's not the Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank's job to solve our green problem with one parking ramp.

Testifier: This is not about whether all of your employees have parking within 5 minutes of their desks. This is serious. This is about climate change.

She's also skeptical that the public will have any access to the parking. Asks, why is there no access to your parking lot after Bank hours today?

Oh no. Guy says climate change is above the level of the planning commission. No reason to talk about climate change in connection to this transit accessible, 800 car, riverfront parking garage.

Commissioner Kronzer wants Fed to restate their commitment to public parking. (Sign of his vote for approval?)

Commissioner Cowgill moving to deny the conditional use permit to allow a parking facility.

Cowgill: "This is greenwashing" in the face of climate change. Cites the shoreland overlay and the Mississippi River.

Commissioner Coleman: a lot of positives and some drawbacks.

Unifies the Fed campus, economic development.

"Greenhouse gas impacts are not a simple equation." Claims that building this parking ramp will encourage development of other surface lots.

Coleman and Sweasy in support of parking garage.

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