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Acceptable song topics:

-I love you
-I'm not in love anymore
-I hate you
-Death is a glorious adventure
-Time to party

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foxes are usually the only thing in foxholes, im not sure why yinz keep looking for other stuff


"Thirty-six percent of Manhattan is street space. It’s the most valuable land in the world, and the city gives it away for free, provided you use it for nothing but your car. What if we instead gave it for free … to restaurants and bars?"

The Library of Congress has announced Citizen DJ, a huge online repository of 100 years' worth of public domain and open access music clips intended to be remixed in new hiphop music.

You can search the repository by sound/metadata, mix new tracks over hiphop beats, and pull curated "sample packs" to use for more ambitious projects.


Great work from and all at; full info here:


Exciting news! Thank you for providing space for people to get outside safely for essential trips.

"We need to figure out how to build real businesses that build real things, not virtualize everything. And we need to start fighting for not just infinite upside, but the sort of minute changes in cities... that will make it possible to build the future."


The world is a vast hellscape right now, but remember, the mandarin word for β€œpenguin” literally translates to β€œbusiness goose”

Small victories.


Minneapolis, once again, leads the way.

St. Paul isn’t there yet, but I’m 85% confident will GET THIS RIGHT by the time the next 100yr pandemic hits in the year 2120

"Zoning has never stopped pollution, it’s only shunted undesirable uses to more racially segregated or less politically connected areas. What has stopped pollution is strong regulation, enforcement, and monitoring. These are vastly better at controlling pollution than the blunt tool of zoning, no matter where a use is placed."


In nature, things aren’t always binary β€” like this Northern Cardinal that’s half male, half female. It’s known as a bilateral gynandromorph:

Your periodic reminder that local financial institutions are awesome, courtesy of

Dear Minneapolis Drivers:

Lots of things are closed during this pandemic.

Bike lanes aren't one of them.

Essential Workers

Covid, Food, I cried a little 

Naomi Kritzer on cooking during a pandemic after writing a (wonderful) science fiction story about cooking during a pandemic


What Oakland has done seems so simple and effective. It's amazing that more cities (especially NYC, Chicago, &c) lack the political imagination to copy this.


This is exactly what I have been talking about.
Open Source Software + refurbished PCs = more kids learn. And they do it affordably. Any school or district not using Linux right now is missing an opportunity.


hmmm, a consortium of States that are somehow United, this is an intriguing concept -- if only we had something like this already in place, that could somehow fulfill this role

Sudan Archives covering R.E.M., "It's The End Of The World As We Know It":

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