Today I learned:

1) It's World Toilet Day

2) Somebody thought the best URL for this important cause was ""


Bonus material: the ultimate conclusion of single family zoning is one house per planet and probably of the two people living there one is a hologram and doesn't know it

Wednesday afternoon: "Should probably reboot the ol' laptop, maybe it'll run better tomorrow..."

Thursday morning:


Wow. If you live in the United States and don't know what gerrymandering is, it's definitely worth learning about.

Proposed rebranding:

"Rain and Snow" evokes a grim commute.

"Wintry Mix" sounds like snack food!


The hardest thing about being on the generational border between Gen X and the Millennials online is cultivating the exact mix of world-weary sarcasm with heart-thudding terror for the future.

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Roses are red
Violets are blue
Singular they
Predates singular you

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This child dressed up in their own Rockitbot costume and we’re calling it RockitTot and I hope RockitTot makes an appearance at every bout left in the season 🤩🤖

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Can we get park and ride sheltered racks like this in MN?


Saint Paul twitter: MMB staff is looking for input on bonding for 2020. Take a couple minutes to throw in a good word for one of these great projects through Ramsey County:

- Riverview Corridor
- Twin Cities/Milwaukee/Chicago 2nd Train
- Rush Line BRT

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sometimes I wish that computer science followed an apprenticeship model where a wiser mentor teaches you best practises. actually useful things like "here is how you run an open source project without being an ass" or "here is how to clean the scroll wheel of your mouse"

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