Is it malice, or is it "Our Database runs on an AS/400 sysplex that's older than God and we can't upgrade it"?

Tired: lol a pig is a butcher in Busytown
Inspired: in Busytown pigs can single-handedly lift a firetruck in the air

I mean, the flyer mentioned *loneliness*, but I could be down for defeating some millionaires in the name of self care too...

"Bitraught," when you're upset, but like, make it digital

You can't just say "including the Yeti" like it's a casual thing

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Interstates continuing their horrid legacy... 

Here is me screwing around with the tool for redistricting in Minneapolis.

My motivation: Interstates and county roads as the barriers they are. Lots of white majorities.

I'm then thinking about the location of polling places, and if, when there's an Interstate or dangerous road crossing, are more people of color required to cross that road to vote?

Am I just stoned or are the effects of redlining really that pervasive? FFS

Design guy: Everyone thinks about adding more features, but really, you should think about how simple you can make your interface away while still retaining the same functionality

Techbros: *Scribbling notes* Take away all features and functionality

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what if we were both hot DBAs???

and we kissed???

while optimizing ur table performance???????

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