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RT Love this nugget: Resume screening company scrapped algorithm after audit revealed it had determined the two highest indicators of success were if your name was "Jared" and if you played high school lacrosse

RT Word of the day: SLOOMY – sluggish, sleepy and slow.

One of these objects is a bench.

The other is merely a bench-shaped object.

Reading online news, 2008:
- go to website
- read news

Reading online news, 2018:
- go to website
- no, don’t share location
- hell no, don’t send me notifications
- consent to cookie warning
- consent to policies
- no, don’t open in app
- no, don’t want the newsletter
- skip inspirational quote
- close full page ad
- read news

Took me a minute to realize was something related to business innovation, and not just a bunch of bisexual folks hanging out.

RT Democracy dies in d̷a̷r̷k̷n̷e̷s̷s̷ you not reading beyond the headline.

If you don't say "chi-cunk" ever so often when you're putting Legos together you're a cop

Dummies still don't realize these are dockless typewriters.

Great data visualization by and - though, based on the rumors, shouldn't there be a bunch of SimCity-style bulldozers patrolling Uptown?
RT Find out how your block could change with the Minneapolis 2040 plan.

"I’m sure that if there is such a thing as the Anti-Establishment - it feeds the Establishment.” -Vivienne Westwood

A reminder that the practice of throwing out a lie, then shrugging and saying "you decide", isn't a practice that comes from our founders or journalists.

It comes from P.T. Barnum, a man who had a slave publicly autopsied for profit.

According to the Nice Ride app, only one of these photos shows a dockless bike "hub".

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