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After years (decades?), finally finished reading a book for fun. Take that, brain!

Universal Basic Access to Fresh Chocolate Chip Cookies 24/7/365 when?

did you know that librivox provides RSS feeds for their audiobooks? which means you can "subscribe" to a book in your podcast-player-of-choice :)

Design wisdom from : "Our values change faster than infrastructure can."

Right now, we treat any decrease in highway level-of-service to be an immediate Problem that must be Solved with Technology. Clear the roads, no matter the cost.

What would it look like if we accepted that when it snows... we drive less?

I'm thinking widespread incentives for telecommuting, reduced hours at retail establishments, postponing all non-essential community meetings and events.

Make the expectation that on a snow day you:

1) Make sure your own household is in order (have food, sidewalks are clear, heat is working)
2) Help out your neighbors to achieve #1
3) Only after 1 and 2, figure out your job and hobbies

hey, who's got a self-hosted #nextcloud thing going on? is it good? I'm thinking about running it out of my house if I can use it to sync all my iOS photos instead of using iCloud's storage space. Thoughts on this welcome, as are boosts.

Correction: I was WRONG when I said that we could get fare-free public transit for a three-cent gas tax. The real answer is closer to a seven-cent gas tax and we should still absolutely do it. .

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weather for tomorrow: incredibly high chance of slip-n-fall. it is apparently drizzling (ughhhhh) and will be 20 by the morning's commute.
walk like a penguin!! 🐧 🐧 🐧

Tonight's featured dream: eating a meat pie (cold) while driving (badly).

Only slightly surprised to find out that the paywall FAQ... is itself behind the paywall.

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Dill pickle potato chips are both a fruit and a vegetable

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