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Ask me anything about improv, comedy, state machines, Star Realms, or paging.

I like it when things work well.

(Outgoing) Introvert, Empathy, Mindfulness, Whales (but I don't have one), Lake of the Isles, Puzzles, Podcastee, Trails, Paper trails, Depression, Attention, No ads, C, Python, ARM

@hfrazey thanks! Digging Mastodon, but new and trying to get a sense of who's active on the local instance

@benjotron you can check the followers of @mspsocialusers for (darn near) everyone on the instance...also our local timeline is my fav thing ever.

You could also try searching or other hashtags (plain text in other's posts is not searchable here) to fill your home timeline with Masto goodness.

@hfrazey @mspsocialusers Thanks! I was trying to search on mspsocial only, but seems like that's not a feature of Mastodon. But I'll dig through @mspsocialusers instead

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