@lawremipsum @densetsu my bike-savvy friend always says Erik's bikes suck, but I don't know more than that

@hfrazey @mspsocialusers Thanks! I was trying to search on mspsocial only, but seems like that's not a feature of Mastodon. But I'll dig through @mspsocialusers instead

@hfrazey thanks! Digging Mastodon, but new and trying to get a sense of who's active on the local instance

:blobthinkingsmirk: :triforce: :ivoted: :maybe_hug_empathy: 😏

Ask me anything about improv, comedy, state machines, Star Realms, or paging.

I like it when things work well.

(Outgoing) Introvert, Empathy, Mindfulness, Whales (but I don't have one), Lake of the Isles, Puzzles, Podcastee, Trails, Paper trails, Depression, Attention, No ads, C, Python, ARM

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