Hi minneapolis mastodon! Me and my roommate are looking for a third roommate. We're in East Phillips, rent is $533. We like board games, playing music, and sharing food. Let me know if you're interested and feel free to share. More info here: docs.google.com/document/d/1j9

Today I tried to meditate and wrote a rap about a vampire instead

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covid and uspol in two headlines 

"Radical clerics"

When your tea ball comes undone and you have to use your mouth as a sieve


What is love? Is love butternut squash soup made by your roommate? Is it going birding with your parents? For me, I think it’s letting these experiences in, letting them seep in and be appreciated, in spite of the imperfections and hurts also present.

property damage 

Not sure if anyone else lives in east Phillips, but driving by cedar food and grill today the entrance looked totally smashed up. Wonder what happened?

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In these times I can't wish ill upon anyone, apart from the evil forces responsible for these times. But, from whoever gave the kid upstairs an actual drum, I deduct five points. Make that ten points. Not even gonna contextualize them. Just know: falling behind on points, buster.

relationships (-) (?) 

Whew I am trying to be friends with two people who broke up (a year ago) and it’s tricky! One of them is maybe my best friend and the other is interested in being closer friends. I’m not sure that’s going to work out...


Ok this review of joe Biden’s life is giving me some sympathy for him

In quarantine everyone’s gettin unkempt but everyone’s websites are getting a makeover

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When the cat sits regally boost if you agree

Next two Belle & Sebastian albums:
The Boy with the Arab Strab: feels experimental, meandering, the melodies and lyrics feel less defined. Not satisfying as a whole, but they show off their weirdness and genre-bending, which is fun.
Fold Your Hands Child, You Look Like a Peasant: More cohesive, better songwriting, a range of moods and styles. Introduces a funkier sound on “There’s Too Much Love.” Favorite track: “The Wrong Girl.”

Hope everyone had a good day! Or at least a day with some good in it!

Currently making my way through all of belle and sebastian’s albums. Tigermilk is legendary and pure. If you’re feeling sinister is great but more angsty. Stay tuned :)

Hello everyone! My name is Gabe! Good to be here! Interested in exploring this platform and getting to know who else is here! I'm into music, birds, board games, antiracism, mental health, and social justice. Hope everyone is healthy and keeping well during these challenging times!

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