@lawremipsum @t54r4n1 awesome, thanks you both! ian r. buck, noted bike advocate and all around cool person, incoming!

@firewally 13/10, I would definitely have a "This Household Supports Young Joni And All Other Ann Kim Restaurants" outside my apartment

Quarter life crisis checklist: 

- am i constantly passing out or is this just a sinus headache
- i have a back?!?!?! who said i had a back?!
- bought a car
- realizing i can’t say “i’m a recent college grad” when “recent” is almost three years ago

The Revenant spoilers 

Ryuichi Sakamoto’s soundtrack really frames Leo’s pained wheezing perfectly

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“I want to watch The Revenant again” said me and other than me nobody ever

A holiday greeting that definitely makes sense 

If the boot fits, you must ship the acquittal.

respiratory things, bad taste in music 

it works just as well for sufjan stevens why didn’t i just say sufjan stevens ugh all my street cred is now dissipated on this here website

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respiratory things, bad taste in music 

best part of being on lung drugs that you inhale as a literal micronized powder into your lungs: you get perfect indie rock voice rasp for a few minutes thereafter, great for singing along to coldplay and/or mumford and sons, which is unfortunate but sometimes necessary.

billy bob thornton’s real name is 

the right honorable baron billiam von bobert of thorn town

I have been working-from-coffee-shops-and-restaurants more and I realize I say "I'll have $COMESTIBLE_ITEM if that's cool," and places fall into two categories: those where they proceed normally, and those where they make a joke about me hedging a statement where I order something quite literally on the menu.

@ianrbuck also, we ran to the dealership rather than driving there (being down a car, and me being a non-driver), so neither my dad nor I had phones with us!

@ianrbuck The radio started playing immediately as the car did, hence the immediate retribution ;D

Family had to borrow a car from the dealership while the car was in the shop. The radio station was set by the dealer to Christian contemporary music, until I got there, when I set everything to hip hop, MPR, and KFAI.

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