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This isn't a huge sample size, and radiating out from me as it does it surely won't be representative either, but I am really surprised that 82% of these people said yes image descriptions are for them, and including people who say "it depends" takes that up to 93%.

I guess the alt-text box shouldn't prompt us with "Please describe for the visually impaired," it should just say "please describe." :D

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My friends reasons for following me was in a locked post so if you can't see it it goes:

sincere posting, Gary, linguistics, great style, cute partner posting, cute selfies, good opinions, compassion, friendliness, midwestern charm, are you kidding?? good hair, queerness and gender, a general vibe of Love and Kindness, etc etc

and then he added

train complaining, abled people complaining, dad vibes,

(I love it so much. :blobaww:)

So yeah, if you're wondering: that's me!

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I'm seeing a lot of proclamations that there should be no exceptions to describing your images or that there's no reason to interact with any that aren't described.

I know these mean well, but they are themselves ableist.

Disabled people know that access needs can clash. I benefit from described images, but I know some people struggle to write them because of their own disabilities.

And that's okay! The culture of image descriptions is great here but it should never be absolutist.

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Please describe:

* your jokes/memes - it's no good saying "this is just silly, you're not missing anything"; let us be the judge of that! Also, being disabled isn't about being dull and worthy all the time.

* your artwork - I'm so sad when I see cool art I can't boost (and sometimes can't even discern :) )

* your gifs and videos - description isn't just for still images!

* your audio clips - yep, these can be described too!

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I haven't done beta-reading forever (I think only twice last year and this was my first time this year) so having done it again just now has reminded me I really love it. I got really nice comments back on my feedback (as I'm lucky enough to have always had so far). It's so fun.

I do blindness and bi/trans sensitivity reading too, as well as general beta reading, if anyone is interested in any of this. My rates are so reasonable I got argued into accepting more money from a friend this time. :)

When I write description for the images attached to my posts I pretend I am writing a text adventure game. I strive all my captions to have

"You are standing in an open field west of a white house, with a boarded front door. There is a small mailbox here"

kind of quality.

#accessibility #a11y #zork

I recently found this picture, taken in the 1930s at Le Monocle, one of the lesbian nightclubs in Paris at the time.

It's a great picture, with a lot of different people, absorbed in their own merriment, and at the center, my new reference for the concept of badass.

I don't know who she is, but she deserves a long, adventurous backstory -- maybe involving mutiny aboard an airship, spies, and broken hearts.

She's the only one looking at the camera, so the story is definitely about her.

The effort of dealing with the world and other people is very formidable. Some days we all just want to lie down in the rain and the mud and let go of it.

But every time I come here, someone is trying something. Just trying. It matters so much, it means so much, that we keep trying.

Adulthood is equal parts ‘nobody can tell me what to do’ and ‘I wish someone would tell me what to do’

My latest WIRED Ideas essay is live. Here I dive into what Twitter's vaunted virality actually meant for marginalised people. So many eulogies or rallying-cries for Twitter have stressed that virality is the platform's greatest strength and a megaphone for the voiceless.

But it is also the platform's greatest weakness. And when it comes to social movements, it often *de*mobilises them by atomising them into little police precincts pursuing the next viral callout.

Every time I start to get a little worked up about something Bailey does this and I forget what I was mad about because I immediately go “awww” and have to stop and pet him. #cats

I was at a wedding in the weekend, crashed by a dog with a stick it really wanted somebody to throw. It dropped the stick closer and closer to the couple being wed, in the hopes the ceremony might be temporarily adjourned for more-important matters like stick-throwing. Nobody knew whose dog it was.

Love is friends who'll do an LFT so they can hang out with you. In one case, without even having to be asked. :)

Omg no one told me the image description didn't come through on this! Probably because the train wifi was so shit.

So this is me, a white guy with short spiky dark hair, glasses on a chain, and a smart brown coat that's supposed to look like the tenth Doctor Who's coat. I'm sitting on what is for me in the north of England a very fancy new train with nice seats.

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Arthur would like me to be aware that there are Dentabites in this cupboard #Caturday #CatsOfMastodon

"Might I tempt sir with some apple slices?"
"Don't mind if I do."

The NHS consultation on the future of children and young people's gender services in England closes tomorrow (4th December). I submitted my response yesterday. More information here:

It's international day of disabled people.

I'd make a post or something about that, but it's an extreme low spoon day, so.


Today I am sorting Christmas gifts, and wrapping them. Nothing edible under the tree... Obviously (dog eye contact in image)

I’m growing to love image descriptions even though my vision is fine. Sometimes it just helps to give context, other times I don’t exactly know what I’m seeing and the text helps. But it’s always nice to see the author’s interpretation of the image.

A thing I will really miss from the birdsite is Sarah Millican's annual #JoinIn on Christmas Day for people who will be alone, working, or with unsupportive family. Wonder if we could get that going here too. It's always lovely

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