gender composition
femme: ??%
masc: ??%
spite: 3200%

what the end of lockdown/pandemic is like for chronically ill and disabled people 

"It was difficult to watch able-bodied people experience a small taste of what a chronically ill life is like and judge it as pointless, boring, and not worth living. Life never goes ‘back to normal’ for us and while I don’t expect able-bodied people to always understand that, some level of compassion and sympathy would be nice."

"Leading Deaf figures are supporting a new co-operative that is developing an online platform that they hope will “revolutionise” the booking of interpreters, “take control” from profit-making agencies and deliver “real and long-lasting social change”."

I just had a terrible idea. Would anyone in the fediverse be interested in a fedivision song contest?
And participating?
I... I think I would like that!
#eurovision #fedivision #music

goodnight everyone, remember that being fat is nice

terfs: "I refuse to classify myself as cis. Cis is anti-woman. I am a woman and I will never be cis."
society: "Hello, I see you are a woman. Please choose from: transgender woman, or, non-transgender woman."
ters: :pika_surprise:

since millennials cant afford houses, cars, kids, or other "adult milestones", i've decided one of my major adult milestones is:

✨ always has stamps and envelopes

please feel free to tell me what your adult marker is

When I think of the migratory birds here, I remember they've been to all sorts of countries I haven't. Some sea bird from Argentina prolly stole a kid's icecream over there and I'm now staring at the bird in the UK, it's seen so many more things than I ever have.`

I brought my husband a sample of frosting and Shankly would like to know: where is Shankly's frosting

For this week's parental Skype call, they were visiting distant relatives so I got to talk to them too.

As the iPad got handed around, one of them was at first only visible by his beard. He joked that this must be because it was so nice.

"It is nice!" I replied, matching his jocular tone of voice. "I wish I could grow one like it!"

My elderly midwestern relatives chuckled.

I like to sneak in as much truth as I can. :)

can you even imagine how obnoxious we (millenials) are going to be when we all get into our late 60's and start making a big deal out of our "nice"-est birthday

voice resources for trans people on T 

I'm researching this a little anyway, so I'll make this a thread of helpful resources about voice changes and voice therapy for trans men and other trans people on T.

The Good Men Project has this summary of a study of 30 trans men's voices. They found T was typically very successful at bringing the voice into the average cis male range, but other aspects of making the voice sound masculine need voice therapy.

Here's the study itself, in Scientific Reports:

question for trans men 

Trans men super early in your transition: which bathroom did you end up using?? I’m dressed masculine today but I was scared to go to the men’s room but I was uncomfortable in the women’s

Disability, voice-to-text (Android) 

Paging #DisabledFedi and #DisabledTwitter :

What's a good, reasonably affordable, #VoiceToText / #SpeechToText app for Android? Because among other things I have a hand tremor . . .

Thank you!

someone left sidewalk chalk out so i added this

happy T day to me :)

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another day, another white leftist complaining that feeding the community and abolishing the prison industrial complex isn't revolutionary enough and therefore must wait on the backburner until we achieve totally idyllic utopia

funny how only the things that impact BIPOC the hardest, esp Black people, have to always be on the back burner

The Meta-anarchist politics is a politics of love and negotiating fulfillment of differing goals to the fullest extent and that's beautiful

"We have known for years that there are better approaches than always sending armed police — and yet, despite knowing all this, in truth we keep doing the same thing over and over and over again," said the mayor of Minneapolis suburb Brooklyn Center, where Daunte Wright was killed less than a month ago.

"Well, not anymore."

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