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This isn't a huge sample size, and radiating out from me as it does it surely won't be representative either, but I am really surprised that 82% of these people said yes image descriptions are for them, and including people who say "it depends" takes that up to 93%.

I guess the alt-text box shouldn't prompt us with "Please describe for the visually impaired," it should just say "please describe." :D

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My friends reasons for following me was in a locked post so if you can't see it it goes:

sincere posting, Gary, linguistics, great style, cute partner posting, cute selfies, good opinions, compassion, friendliness, midwestern charm, are you kidding?? good hair, queerness and gender, a general vibe of Love and Kindness, etc etc

and then he added

train complaining, abled people complaining, dad vibes,

(I love it so much. :blobaww:)

So yeah, if you're wondering: that's me!

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I'm seeing a lot of proclamations that there should be no exceptions to describing your images or that there's no reason to interact with any that aren't described.

I know these mean well, but they are themselves ableist.

Disabled people know that access needs can clash. I benefit from described images, but I know some people struggle to write them because of their own disabilities.

And that's okay! The culture of image descriptions is great here but it should never be absolutist.

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Please describe:

* your jokes/memes - it's no good saying "this is just silly, you're not missing anything"; let us be the judge of that! Also, being disabled isn't about being dull and worthy all the time.

* your artwork - I'm so sad when I see cool art I can't boost (and sometimes can't even discern :) )

* your gifs and videos - description isn't just for still images!

* your audio clips - yep, these can be described too!

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I haven't done beta-reading forever (I think only twice last year and this was my first time this year) so having done it again just now has reminded me I really love it. I got really nice comments back on my feedback (as I'm lucky enough to have always had so far). It's so fun.

I do blindness and bi/trans sensitivity reading too, as well as general beta reading, if anyone is interested in any of this. My rates are so reasonable I got argued into accepting more money from a friend this time. :)

You can go “goblin mode,” but I’m going to go “hobbit mode”: walking around barefoot in a comfortable home, eating more than three meals a day, splitting my time between tending my garden and writing, and occasionally getting pulled into an adventure by an old wizard.

I used to feel guilty about all my unrealized potential, but now I focus on the positive. I am really really great at not fulfilling my potential, leaves more time for naps and chatting with all my gay friends.

The Respect for Marriage Act has just passed the House, 258-169, including 39 Republicans.

It will protect millions of LGBTQ families who otherwise would not have that protection. Senator Tammy Baldwin deserves enormous credit for her leadership in making this happen.

It is a very good thing that this bill is being passed, but it is also a signal of future obstacles. Do not get complacent. This does not end any battles for LGBTQ rights, but it does better prepare us for the battles to come.

Proper hard frost this morning. Lovely.

Sheep arranged in “difficult second album promo shoot” formation for your viewing pleasure.

#Defaidon #Dartmoor


nobody at all:

me: 🎵 this is why 🎵

me: 💃 i don't leave the house🕺

me: 🪩you say the coast is clear but you won't catch me out 🪩

When I was in college i got into flight simulators for a minute, and discovered there was a whole community of people who roleplay as air traffic controllers on a multiplayer version of MS flight simulator. There was specialized radar and comms software and you could sign up for classes where you learned real-world lingo and techniques for directing air traffic. I tried it for a couple weeks and realized it was basically "having a stressful job" as a hobby

anyway now I'm a moderator on mastodon


my brother sent me an early christmas gift 😆

Europeans: racism in america is abhorrent, thank goodness nothing like that happens here!

Also europeans: [growling, eyes glowing, & levitating the moment someone so much as mentions the Roma people]


You know what tomorrow is, another #BlackFriday, nice way to wrap up this week.

I'm still on the lookout for more #BlackHolidayJam if you got em, all month long

I got a new request to bring the energy:
Favorite moments from Black TV shows, bonus if it's Holiday related.

I also hope to see some intersectional #BlackJoy and history if you got it, especially for our LGBTQ+ and Jewish extended family.

And you can DM me anything you want to share if you feel you can't, I got you

High five for anyone who managed to take a shower today. Hugs if you didn't. #mecfs #longCovid

There is no "correct" way to want your body, and way you want people to treat you. There is no brain scan or some shit that could ever tell you if you are trans.

You are trans if you decide you are trans. It ain't for other people to decide. You don't need dysphoria, you don't need some justification. You don't need to have known since childhood.

Some people do happen to have a lot of reason to decide they are trans, there is a lot of dysphoria overall. It isn't even a question to some of us. That doesn't make it a rule.

We all have different relationships to gender. Some of us are genderfluid, some of us are agender, some of us include our neurodivergence in it. That is a relationship that is unique to each of us, something that is yours and no one else's.

@lgbtqia #Trans

dogs and random food in the wild! 

When you have a dog, you learn how much more random people food exists in the wild than you’d thing. Today my dog found a cache of TATER TOTS? Micah let him have one. Just like. Ok. I guess someone had a tots accident.

He's been so ridiculously snuggly today.

The four photos are so similar I won't do descriptions for each: they're all just Gary demanding (and getting) headpats, while he makes different funny faces.

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