In the old comics, Batman’s parents were millionaires. I want to see a Batman where they never adjusted for inflation. Like Bruce Wayne grew up in an expensive suburb, went to a private college with no loans but then they cut him off at 27 and he’s just a person who is poorly prepared for real life. Batman with an aging MacBook Pro, a starter house, and a lot of credit card debt. The “bat cave” is an MMA gym his dad’s cousin lets him use after hours. Batmobile is a Prius with a bent fender.

Adventure achieved! Met a man walk a dog and a goose. The goose is a rescue that lives indoors and thinks it's a dog! 🌞🐕😃🦆🌳

Today's YouTube actually is lo-fi beats to be a puppy to, and it's cute as heck, I love it so much.

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I sometimes get unnerved by the sheer aggression of institutional transphobia in the UK, but then I remember, this is a social moment. The data, in any sphere you care to examine, from prisons to medicine to social science is on our side, it always has been. Politics is transient, data is forever.

masculinities, vulnerability, self-worth 

complement the guys in your life.
there's a thing we do where we focus on a derogatory view of ourselves, to avoid entering a position of vulnerability. expressing what you value or appreciate about yourself shows others the aspects of yourself that if criticised, could particularly hurt, because they are more important to you than other aspects, and because if challenged, could impact your values and how you consider yourself. i think there's an enormous scope for insecurity if the people you care about do not make it clear what they appreciate in you, or if habitually you do not receive positive affirmations of being. it's easy enough to hide your hurt or insecurity or desire for affirmation and appreciation, if in a situation you might need to self-analyse, you instead fall back on self-deprecation because insincerity is safer. so complement the men in your life, if you see qualities that you appreciate or value.

Why doesn't my mind feel as awake and energetic during the day as it feels at 1 in the morning when I lay down to sleep?

The golf game has a completely over-the-top character generator. I've never seen a game where you can choose the eyelash color before! Or give the person contact lenses that look like golf balls. Or a nationality.

Anyway, Brad Golfman has frosted tips and an argyle sweater and knickerbockers and purple eyelashes. And he's Welsh. Da iawn.

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I was planning on deleting these toots today because people have been *super* helpful! Then I got billed for 200bux for a past medical expense...

So thank you for all the donations and boosts! We've gotten over $300! and *65* boosts!!

Please keep boosting/reboosting 💚

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I say this as someone who might have yesterday talked QMB into buying a child-sized Ikea armchair for Gary.

We need some new armchairs, and technically if he gets his own we can reclaim the full-size one, that he's appropriated, for human use!

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Today's YouTube actually is lo-fi beats to be a puppy to, and it's cute as heck, I love it so much.

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A "tell me how our friendship started" meme going around Facebook has brought to my attention that two of my most long-standing and important relationships have started based on someone noticing someone else's LiveJournal icons.

Golf is the most boring sport so I'm surprised by how much I am enjoying watching my boyfriend play a golf video game.

For one thing, he chose the Twin Cities course which is sweet. For another, the tutor/narrator voice is /so/ nice and midwestern I'm finding it hilarious and genuinely heartwarming at the same time. And of course, I'm enjoying my boyfriend's screams of both delight and pain. I'm just that kind of guy.

I declare #CakeForTransFriendsDay.

I'm fed up of "coming out" days that ask trans people to come out in an unsafe world, doing all the risky stuff, while cis people ignore us.

Today, 14th Oct, every year, the onus is on cis people to buy cake for their #trans, #nonbinary and otherwise genderly-interesting friends.

Aw, one of my first "favorite authors" has died: Gary Paulsen. Like, I think, every ten-year-old of my time and place I read Hatchet in school, but I ended up scouring the library for other books by him.

I was so drawn to his deeply thought, deeply felt writing style. His books were about a kind of introspective teenager I wanted to be but didn't have the experience or the language for; they gave me some of that. They both called me to as a weird kid and helped make me the weird kid I was. :)

@bright_helpings also entertaining etymologically that "rosemary" is unrelated (except for through convergent evolution) to either "rose" or "mary"

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