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I'm seeing a lot of proclamations that there should be no exceptions to describing your images or that there's no reason to interact with any that aren't described.

I know these mean well, but they are themselves ableist.

Disabled people know that access needs can clash. I benefit from described images, but I know some people struggle to write them because of their own disabilities.

And that's okay! The culture of image descriptions is great here but it should never be absolutist.

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Please describe:

* your jokes/memes - it's no good saying "this is just silly, you're not missing anything"; let us be the judge of that! Also, being disabled isn't about being dull and worthy all the time.

* your artwork - I'm so sad when I see cool art I can't boost (and sometimes can't even discern :) )

* your gifs and videos - description isn't just for still images!

* your audio clips - yep, these can be described too!

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I haven't done beta-reading forever (I think only twice last year and this was my first time this year) so having done it again just now has reminded me I really love it. I got really nice comments back on my feedback (as I'm lucky enough to have always had so far). It's so fun.

I do blindness and bi/trans sensitivity reading too, as well as general beta reading, if anyone is interested in any of this. My rates are so reasonable I got argued into accepting more money from a friend this time. :)

Yay my lovely boyfriend and I are going to go see the new Jurassic Park movie on Wednesday and I'm so excited. It's gonna be ridiculous and I'm going to love it.

from autistic self advocacy network: Bodily autonomy, privacy, and access to abortion all matter for people with disabilities. Join us for a webinar series on reproductive rights starting June 30 at 6PM ET with our webinar Our Bodies, Our Rights: What’s Going On at the Supreme Court?

TERFs, joke 

Why do so many TERFs fit into an elevator?

Because they can reduce themselves to their genitals.

person: im entirely self sufficient, i don’t need people, and everyone should be more like me

me: my brother in confusion, you use search engines to find answers to your questions. search engines which are the results of people’s collective knowledge. you are here because someone grew your food or provided you with seeds to grow your own or created weapons so you could hunt for food. (1/2)

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I wrote about a movie where day is night and up is down and non-murderers are murderers, please read about some DIRTY LITTLE DEEDS #DTMWaGL

hey all, thanks to @dumpsterqueer's hard work & ebook piracy, the multilingual decolonial quote bot is a reality! we're hoping it will start posting this week. you can follow @alutacontinua now if you like, or wait until the posts start to decide if you like it lol. excited to see how it goes down~

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re: being queer around the world, suicide, it's bad 

@jules riots are a good start, but they amount to making a mess to beg the bully to stop. at the end of the riot we're still at the butt end of power, and the bully will find us next day after the class.

we also need to stay together and build up stuff to provide for ourselves what the system won't. housing. food. medication, hormones, social support, community.


If you have never seen a monarch chrysalis in real life before, they are remarkable. The little tiny yellow spots are metallic and shine like gold in the light.

[img description: Two photos of a monarch butterfly chrysalis, a small, faintly translucent oblong yellow-green object with a glittering line of black and gold running horizontally across its upper end and and tiny golden dots scattered towards its narrower bottom]

Just realized: birds have no belly buttons. Don’t need ‘em. I’m freaking out

Had a tough time handling herds of small humans or big animals?

Wait until you meet Erik, an unruly herd of one

There is something satisfying about cleaning a thing that had been really gross.

But maybe I should've eaten breakfast first, I didn't want to eat for a while after that... :)

I was at a ham radio event and a fun thing about it is learning to use different modes of radio. Today I learned how to use something called "Winlink" which is basically very early email but sent over radio waves!

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But courage! there is good cheer in store for you

racial & reproductive justice in the US, how to help 

Black women in the South have been bracing for Roe's fall for decades:

if you live in a state that still has access to abortion, especially if that access seems pretty secure for now, consider becoming a regular donor to a reproductive justice organization in the South, such as those mentioned in this article:

I think it's very cute that D bought a game that's both easy enough to see and chill enough that I could play it, and then spent the rest of the evening playing it himself because he was too tired to do anything else at all.

(I wasn't going to play it immediately, my eyes were way too bad. So he wasn't taking it away from me or anything. He was just making the text big and showing me what it looked like and then he was playing it! It was cute. I'm glad it was there for him when he needed it.)

However there is now a huge double rainbow that's so big and bright even my phone that is terrible at taking pictures of the sky has picked it up.

This is a much better way to welcome @diffrentcolours back, I have missed my boyfriend. :HeartMaleHomosexual: 🌈

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A community centered on the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, and their surrounding region. Predominantly queer with a focus on urban and social justice issues.

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