There's an episode of You're Wrong About where Sarah says something about looking through Netflix trying to decide what to watch and just ending up watching the first 40 minutes of Heat again before she falls asleep.

I'm so glad she said this because it makes me feel better about using her podcast the same way: I have tons of unlistened-to podcast episodes, and I'm about to put on one of her book-club episodes instead. :)

I have thought approximately one thousand times today that it's Tuesday (even though I've gone to work which I don't do on Tuesdays) so I thought maybe a / selfie would help me keep track of what goddam day it is.

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aliens built Big Ben. the English could never have done it on their own

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there are only two genders: the known and the unknown.

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Found a solution to a nasty hardware issue I was having

Solution is to take a nap

Oh the other horrifying thing my dad told me: "Every time you send us a picture, we print it out and we put it in your room!" I don't remember sending them pictures either, I mean it's not like I send them all the selfies I put here. He did mention Gary; it makes sense that I've sent them pictures of Gary. But...

I'm trying to be okay with them prizing the scraps they have from me when they don't get to see me. But it still feels weird.

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"You them to me?" I tried.

"Yeah but I don't know how to do that," my dad said very matter-of-factly.

Sometimes they do! I got a photo of their new car with my mom standing in front of it. I'd have much rather had these pictures of my dad standing next to tomato plants almost as tall as he is, definitely taller than me. But they keep forgetting how to email photos.

I did say when I got the car one, "that might be the only photo I get from them all year." So far it is!

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My parents were showing me vacation photos tonight.

By which I mean, they went to Walmart to get prints of digital photos from their phones, and then held the photos up to the iPad when we were skyping.

I could hardly see a damn thing. But it made them happy.

This is what we invented bandwidths capable of video calls for, surely.

covid, queer culture 

I am exhausted by the conversations I have every time I make plans now: if you are happy to come in my car...unless I can come in your house I can't stay too long because I'll need a wee...

But I'm very glad to have friends who (thanks to queer culture, I think) are very conscious of boundaries and consent, who always have been. Activating these skills is nothing new to us and we do it easily and naturally.

I'm just sad we need to. So it helps that it's as easy as possible.

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"Not Dying or being hospitalized" is a terrible metric for whether or not a behavior or decision is risky. There's a lot of stuff that can be wrong with you short of being hospitalized that impairs your health, quality of life, or ability to earn income.

I'm annoyed that socially we've decided to write off "mild" covid as inconsequential when we are still so far from understanding it. We're probably creating a growing pool of people with long term disability.

Pandemic's over hahaha!!

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I continue to be enchanted by medieval self-portraits. We tend to think of the Middle Ages as a time without any kind of individuality or self-esteem, which isn't true, and sometimes you find little manuscript dudes that remind you that people are people and have always wanted to be remembered as people

A friend asked me for a selfie today and the one I took makes me laugh, because it turns out the unintended consequences of shaving my head is it makes the little sideburn hairs stand out more.

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A trans therapist gave me this resource, and I thought I'd pass on the favor. GALAP is an effort to eliminate the letter barrier around gender affirming surgeries. There are therapists offering this service for free in all states!

And since I can just practice the letters, I figured I might as well say I'm learning Arabic too, to help me remember those letters how that I'm not studying it properly any more. :)

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I got so annoyed at not knowing what sounds Cyrillic letters make (in Russian, let's say) that I have succumbed to duolingo again to help me learn. (This is one reason I started duolingo in the first place, with Welsh, because I saw it on signs and didn't know how to pronounce it.)

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3. To the extent that "passing" even still matters, is the distance we have to go towards trans equity.

The fact that a hoop to jump through still exists, to acquire safety and respect, is phenomenally horrendous.

You are what you know you are, right now. Measure the distance between that, and how you're treated, as a failure of society -- never you.

"Going stealth" after you "pass" is any trans person's right, but it's also ok not not want to have to. It's ok to fear being pushed into a post-transition closet, and to feel ambivalent about it. It's alright to want to be fully known, it's not a cry for attention. It's human.


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Also I forgot until I tried to put on a t-shirt that this kind of hair is like velcro when it touches fabric. :)

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I keep being startled by my reflection or silhouette or whatever. I think this is the real-life version of changing your avatar and then not recognizing your own toots.

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Sports, team names 

I want Minneapolis team names named after local statuary.

The Minneapolis Cherry Spoons
The Minneapolis Mary Tyler Moores
The Minneapolis Blue Cocks

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By the way, here's a thing I think is a Bad Meme: criticizing not putting your pronouns in your bio/in introductions.

I felt pressured to do so before I was *out* as nonbinary trans-femme. It felt like pressure to out or misgender myself.

I do it now, and I'm all for it... but it shouldn't be mandatory. Someone might have a reason for not doing so. You might pressure them into doing the wrong thing.

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