*sadly goes to reset the counter to 0 on the "days since I saw someone shit on the existence of light themes" sign*

I think on average I see this like once a week.

I cannot see dark themes at all. And it's a hell of a thing to see this hostility not just to a software option but to my own existence and qualities as a person who uses this option. Like I've seen people say you have to be a psychopath to use light theme, which is an awesome way to double up on the ableism!

Something else about light themes I don't think I've seen in so many words:

I strongly suspect most apps these days are made for dark theme, in dark theme, by people who only like dark theme. The light theme sometimes doesn't work great, or it feels grudgingly implemented, half-assed.

The dark themes you see probably are optimized by people who care about them but don't think that means the light ones are. They aren't necessarily ideal for people who need light themes; this is just all we get.

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I'm so tired.

At first I couldn't even read this text telling me that the app had been switched to dark mode (no shit) and how to stop it.

The developers never consider that light theme could be a necessity, and it shows!

It was especially infuriating to see, when I did summon the spoons to change it, that it'd been automatically set to dark theme just because I have my phone in battery saver mode. It's not quite a myth that dark themes save battery, but it's certainly not usually the case!

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