Me: ugh I'm gonna have way many books! I resent material possessions, this is going to be such a pain!

My books:

This isn't all of them, I'm sure I'll find more stragglers and some books don't fit on these shelves because they're not very wide. But not too many!

I'm feeling good about being able to fit my stuff into sensible spaces here, and finally no longer having my things scattered all over and mixed with other things and ending up unfindable and, practically speaking, unusable.

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@GwenfarsGarden I was wondering about that one! Because I don't know if I'll re-read it, I haven't returned to it since I first read it years ago. I really enjoyed it but I wonder if I've either forgotten too much or not enough of its plot to enjoy it again, if you see what I mean. :)

@bright_helpings I see what you mean. I argue for reading it again, but I'm biased as it's one of my favourite books

@GwenfarsGarden I am happy with the idea of reading it again. :) But so many of these books I haven't read at all yet, and I'm already re-reading another book, so it might be a while!

@maloki super good! It'll fit all my DVDs too, there's not many of them either.

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