Unlearning shame about being out of breath

"Being out of breath during exertion is normal. Yet many people of all shapes and sizes have told me they avoid physical activity because they don’t want to feel shame for being out of breath.
Listen. There are thin people who get out of breath climbing the stairs out of the subway. And there are fat people who can sing and play a flute while dancing for hours and not be out of breath (all hail Lizzo)."

@bright_helpings hadn't even realized that I felt shame around this, thanks for posting

@dark_soil It's something a few of my friends have mentioned, along with stuff like sweating or getting a red face, all these little indications of exertion that are totally normal and ubiquitous but which we fatties (and other people, but definitely us) are made to feel so thoroughly ashamed of, I think a lot of us don't even notice it because it just feels like it's always been there.

@bright_helpings I've definitely been feeling this shame on dos walks lately. Thank you for sharing!

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