"While there are big differences between Italian fascism, British colonialism and pro-slavery groups in the US, all have contributed to a fantasy idea about Rome’s whiteness that’s still a feature of Western civilisation...

"As white supremacists storm the centres of Western governance, this is not just a niche issue. It could play a vital role in strengthening our democracies."

@bright_helpings i wish this would dedicated a paragraph or three on slaves in Ancient Rome, tho being a descendent of the people who's name gave us the word for slave, i might be a bit biased.

@bright_helpings "Maris Ibn Qasith, a dashing soldier from Asia Minor, became a celebrity following his successes in fighting the Gauls."

I'm trying to figure out who this person was, and am coming up almost totally empty on websearches. I wonder if his name is preserved in a Latinized form that someone (our author here, or one of our author's sources) has reconstructed an Arabic form for. (And if so, I wonder what the Latin form is.)

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