I've heard so much about how terrible it is that brands whisked away their pride month logos, this is a great example of what they should be doing instead. :)

@bright_helpings I love this energy of "yeah we ARE the classic rock station for THE GAYS, what OF IT"

@Pixley @bright_helpings I hope they have a stereotypical gravel-voiced morning DJ and I hope he asks every caller their pronouns

@Pixley I grew up on this kind of classic rock radio and it gives me life to see them being so awesome about something they never would've mentioned when I was growing up.

@bright_helpings @Pixley Things have improved a lot

I listen to Bog Standard Local Yokel Radio around here and until recently the main afternoon presenter was a trans woman, and when she left to do other things they replaced her with a Muslim woman in a hijab

Back in the old days you didn't get near a mic if you weren't a straight cis white man

@ak I'm glad it's better here, but I have no faith in the rural Midwest where I'm from and where the radio stations I'm thinking of still are ;) (I have no idea where this one in the screenshot is, or what the area is like) @Pixley

@bright_helpings i mean ideally they should be devolving all ownership to the employees but this is a close second

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