The story about "tortured phrases" as a tell for fabricated academic papers is mildly interesting to me, but somehow I'm finding the phrases themselves completely fascinating.

The idea is that common terms have been replaced with words that individually sorta mean the same thing but don't add up the same at all.

Big data > Colossal information
Artificial intelligence > Counterfeit consciousness
Cloud computing > Haze figuring
Signal to noise > Flag to commotion
Random value > Irregular esteem

@t54r4n1 Yeah I never thought about it but they really don't work if you swap the words out. "Counterfeit Consciousness" makes AI seem as sinister as it actually is. :) And I can't get over how much I love "flag to commotion", either despite or because of it being nothing at all like "signal to noise."

@bright_helpings Also when you realize an English-language news website is probably based in India . . .

@bright_helpings reminds me of the story of the student who put each word of a book report through a thesaurus, producing "Enormous Sibling Is Regarding You"

to be fair, "Counterfeit consciousness" perfectly describes bots these days 😅

@bright_helpings saving "irregular esteem" for the next RNG-heavy game thingy i write :blobaww:

@bright_helpings they are just so deeply cursed, i love it 😂.

@bright_helpings OMG I love "counterfeit consciousness"! I feel like it might be a better / more realistic term than artificial intelligence.

@bright_helpings “counterfeit consciousness” is the name of my new shoegaze band thanks

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