I feel like my coolest hipster cred lately comes from having read the Judith Butler interview before it was redacted. :)

(Now available here. The redacted part is the question that starts "It seems that some within feminist movements are becoming sympathetic to these far-right campaigns," and the entire answer to it.)

@GwenfarsGarden @bright_helpings They removed the answer about TERFs showing no solidarity against fascists.

@diffrentcolours @bright_helpings ok, thanks. Bloody UK Guardian, it's run by Terfs. I was surprised they let it be published in the 1st place.

@GwenfarsGarden Yep! Having apparently never heard of the Streisand Effect!

@bright_helpings fjfjjfjfjjfhdhhdhdh i hate the phrase "feminist infighting" in this article like terfism is just some quibble over unimportant details in the fringes of politics

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