I'm Sorry, I Can't, I Have Female Socialization - by Daniel Lavery

When I got to "I’m only AFAB when someone isn’t nice to me….and you wouldn’t like me when I’m AFAB" I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe for a bit. :)

@bright_helpings I'm leaning more and more toward the term "gender agnostic" lol

@bright_helpings "my destiny is bound up with the destiny of 'women,' but I am personally skeptical of the existence of 'womanhood'"


@alpine_thistle Another great religion metaphor that really resonates with me.

@bright_helpings @alpine_thistle ahh I've just been searching everywhere trying to remember the exact wording of that post or where I saw it, it's one of my faves

@wolfie I only have it because my boyfriend sent it to me recently, said it made him think of me. I was so glad to see it again, I hadn't thought to download it before. @alpine_thistle

@bright_helpings @alpine_thistle grin!

Look. I was raised as a man, taught that crying was a sin, might makes right and to be a blue-blooded american hero when I grew up.

I've become a lot more syncretic since, but there's still value in keeping our cultural identity in rituals like woodworking, beard care and modern chivalry. What's more, we can remain true to ourselves and resist assimilation without ignorantly upholding harmful traditions like talking over people or conflating a Y chromosome with authority.

(On a serious note though the trans experience is explicitly part of my practice so the metaphor already fits. Thank you!)

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