My professor also shared this paper with us that situates "plant awareness disparity" as an alternative term for the phenomenon often labeled "plant blindness" though that has super ableist implications.

If you would be open to reading (1) thing today, it's not super long and I think worth consideration


LB: I was just talking at work (to another visually impaired person) about how much I hate "blindness" used as a metaphor. It does real harm because the metaphorical uses are always about ignorance or apathy, qualities that are then widely attributed to blind people

So "plant awareness disparity" seems a lot better than "plant blindness." Indeed, awareness disparity is a great name for what's usually meant by this kind of "blindness." The disparity feels important, that's maybe underappreciated

@bright_helpings True... It's by the way similar with the use of "autistic" or "schizophrenic"as metaphors, which I wish people would also avoid. 🙄

@bright_helpings another version I've heard is "plant inattention". I like that even better since it's so prefect.

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