Catching students make mistakes that I made and continue to make is a humbling experience.

I'm bad at grammar is what I'm saying.

The rules of language didn't interest me as much as the messages it conveys 🤷‍♂️

@Cyborgneticz linguists will be the first to tell you that if it's done by native speakers of the language it can't be wrong, except by certain gatekeepy standards based on things like class and race.


@ljwrites Heck yeah!

James Milroy: "The [standardized language] ideology requires us to accept that language (or a language) is not the possession of the native speakers."

Me: It gave me such a rush to try to imagine what it would be like to believe that. Once I thought about it, it really was weird that I believed my own language existed more properly or authoritatively in books or classes than in my own head.

@Cyborgneticz The idea of all of us possessing our language is so powerful.

And I mean all of our language, not just a language or multiple languages. Another thing I like from linguistics is the idea of a linguistic repertoire, so not "I know one language" or "two languages" or "one and a bit," but "all these different words and rules are part of my linguistic repertoire," no matter how many languages the words or rules come from. And we all have ownership of our repertoire.

@bright_helpings @ljwrites @Cyborgneticz thanks, I read this earlier and was simply too sleepy, always appreciate Erik coming through with the wall o' text

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