Oh god QMB has found a movie where a blind person is being attacked or something and her only hope is the person on the other end of one of those "Be My Eyes" apps that I detest so much.

We're gonna have to watch that some night when I'm not so tired. I am kind of scared of how awful it is going to be, but I need to know...

We're watching it now.

It doesn't have audio description. I might have woken up our poorly boyfriend upstairs with how forcefully I laughed at that.

"it's the fucking Canadians who are responsible for this apparently," QMB says as the studio logos turn up at the beginning.

(I'll start CWing this now don't worry.)

See for Me 

The infantalizing mom already has me yelling at the screen "that's my mom! that's her!"

Luckily mine wasn't financially abusive like this one, but full points for verisimilitude there too!

See for Me 

Shall I get into why I detest this kind of app so much?

See for Me 

Haha that taxi driver is way too willing to back off when asked, I wish I ever encountered any like that. ;)

Of course she's not using her white cane in the new place. Turns out I can't see now either because I'm rolling my eyes too hard.

See for Me 

I'm sure this is a sighted actor right. Her body language isn't very blind.

See for Me 

Nearly choked laughing at the voice-activation and screenreader on her phone work immediately and perfectly. And at about a millionth of the speed I'd expect someone to actually use. :)

See for Me 

I almost feel bad that this /is/ a blind actor, you know? This will be so not how their life actually is!

But, at the same time, if you want to get work... I'm sure otherwise they have to pretend to be sighted. (Like Stephane Beatriz.)

See for Me 

The guy telling her how to get rid of the cops: "Send them away thinking they've helped you!"

Oh yeah, I'm sure she's used to making people feel good about how helpful they've been to her poor little blind self.

See for Me 

A bunch of very normal boring thriller stuff has happened. Now our girl is trying to hide from the baddies and Kelly on the "See for Me" app is showing the problem with the name and with those apps: seeing for Sophie also includes telling Sophie what to do.

Of course Kelly was playing video games before this: what she's doing now is just a different kind of first-person shooter.

See for Me 

"You can ski blind?!" says the person who apparently escaped the military without knowing any crips or seeing any inspiration porn, which feels like one of the less plausible things about this ridiculous movie.

See for Me 

And of course she /can't/ ski blind, because she's too bitter!

I'm sure this violent episode will leave her not with a lot of trauma but will instead prove to be just the confidence booster she needs to embrace that Paralympic lifestyle!

See for Me, alc 

I've had to resort to wine. :)

(Or else I found some in the fridge when I was checking what groceries we needed, which I've forgotten about and needs drinking!)

People keep telling Sophie "Don't worry" and "just trust me", and those are really scary things to hear as a blind person though, not just in a contrived thriller but also every heckin day.

See for Me 

The one thing I will say for that movie though, they kept it short! Only an hour and a half, felt longer.

Honestly the Christmas Prince movies had better character development.

See for Me 

@bright_helpings I'm curious, if you have the energy (I'm guessing because they're a pretext to not make things better, accessibility-wise, and also make you dependent on a sighted person..?)

See for Me 

@bright_helpings IMDB says: "Skyler Davenport is an agender, visually impaired actor"


"Legally blind due to a stroke and rare neurological condition."

See for Me 

@diffrentcolours Oh cool, thanks for looking that up for me!

See for Me 

@bright_helpings It's what I'd be doing if I were downstairs!

See for Me 

@diffrentcolours I know, next best thing to having you here :) x

You are missing nothing though, this movie is not good.

See for Me 

@bright_helpings they're acting playing a sighted actor playing blind person

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