Heck yeah, kinky photos should have image descriptions too. Disabled people are often de-sexualized (it's part of infantalizing us), but a lot of us are goddam perverts. Help us out. ;)


(Plus I bet it's really hot to write them. I have no idea though, I've never posted those kinds of photos. But it sounds like it'd be really fun to think about how to describe something so intense. It's not necessarily a boring chore we're asking for, you know?)

@bright_helpings (On Twitter, the Whores of Yore account has fantastic image descriptions, in case someone needs a good model for such things.)

@bright_helpings ooh I could imagine getting into that as a volunteer captioner, kind of like the captionthis group. @ captionthiskink maybe?

about nsfw image captions 

@bright_helpings I try to caption my NSFW artwork, but so far it's just ... really embarassing!! 😂

Feels like I should take some sort of "smut fanfiction writing class". Checking out the image descriptions of other NSFW artworks helps, though.

about nsfw image captions 

@fluffyfied @bright_helpings Fun fact: when writing a smut scene for my novel, the most useful advice I got was from a blind folk.

about nsfw image captions 

@yuki2501 @fluffyfied @bright_helpings
Mind to share it? Asking for a friend.

about nsfw image captions 

@oblomov @fluffyfied @bright_helpings Hmmm... let me think about it.

alt text for erotic selfies experience 


most queer folk feel awkward because we have internalised negative images of ourselves. but you can't really write a description for a kinky selfie like "awkward trans girl who doesn't know what she's doing with body part X which is too Y and looks like a guy and..."

if you want to write erotica, you have to do things like "a luscious trans girl in bed the morning light, wearing only panties, looking cheekily at you with a collar held in her mouth, her swollen new breasts peeking invitingly between long strands of purple hair..." etc. etc.

which is like, it makes one feel very cringe and corny and a liar, but hey queer ppl think of the disabled people. you want to include disabled folx, don't you? you want them to join in the fun, don't you? then you better go all out and brag the hell out, describe a gorgeous delicious sex deity that call fill up everyone's fantasies to satisfaction.

and as you do that habitually, you might get used to it, and eventually you'll realise you're super hot actually.
it's a win-win :pinkgirl_heart:

alt text for erotic selfies experience 

@elilla @bright_helpings Sexy curb cut effect

alt text for erotic selfies experience 

@owl @elilla @bright_helpings "Sexy curb cut effect" sounds like a hell of a halloween costume.

alt text for erotic selfies experience 

@owl @elilla @bright_helpings do we already have "toot of the year" contests because I would like to nominate this one

alt text for erotic selfies experience 

@elilla @bright_helpings girl thanks for this, the struggle is *real*

alt text for erotic selfies experience 

@elilla @bright_helpings We understand and appreciate the difficulty and complexity of providing descriptions for erotic images, especially when internalized body image and emotional health can come into play. When people are putting erotic images out, it is an act of affirmation. Is it not? Creating image descriptions, even if basic ones, should it not act as an additional point of afirmation?

alt text for erotic selfies experience 

@bright_helpings @tikius @elilla that's what she's saying.

alt text for erotic selfies experience 

@elilla I faced a similar issue the other day when posting transition timeline selfies. How do I find words to describe myself then and now, that are true, helpful, and I'm comfortable with?

re: alt text for erotic selfies experience 

@elilla @bright_helpings a lovely perspective thank you for sharing it!

alt text for erotic selfies experience 

@elilla @bright_helpings as someone who posts lewds in various places and has super low self esteem, my image descriptions often just describe stuff plainly but I do include context like the awkwardness at times! So long as the description imparts the content of the image, you can describe vibes too, because they are still valuable to communicate!

@bright_helpings mine are always plain and descriptive, I need to hire a writer for my alt texts 😆

@bright_helpings For me at least is not about being boring or exciting but more of feeling way too exposed hahhaa women being sexy are super stigmatized so just a pic can be interpreted in a lot of ways, but if you write it erotically in a explicit way It's more embarrasing hahaha so I find it hard although most of my pics tend to be sexy and erotic.

@Alexia_Powder It totally is a struggle. But the nice thing about image descriptions is you can write how you want to be perceived and so to some extent control that narrative a bit, keep it from being misinterpreted. In an ideal world -- I know this is easier said than done.

@bright_helpings For old stuff (prephotography) @frank_frank does a great job with descriptions

sexual language 

@pogon @bright_helpings cheers for the shoutout. It is a fun challenge, particularly when trying to decide which words to use (e.g., is there a fancier word for doggy style when describing this beautiful 17th century etching? No? Doggy style it is)

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