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Decolonizing my White Brain: A thread for white folk 

This thread is for myself and other white folk to share things we read and ways we can confront and deal with our Whiteness and work towards Anti-Racism.

I am white. I was raised to be racist by my white parents. I am trying to be anti-racist. I'm gonna fail sometimes. This thread is for me to connect with myself and other white folk to read work by Black authors and activists and work on our shit.

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FYI: i joke about :guillotine: and :trebuchet: much like other leftists.

But actual premeditated violence or murderous intent makes me deeply uncomfortable bc I've been to that place and hate it. So uhh. Not on my TL plz/I may trust you less. And if you think there isn't a difference between self defense and premeditated "self defense" plz think again.

In conclusion: punch don't kill nazis.

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Head's up.
If you want to recommend something to me, just mention it offhand and something you liked about it.

The more you push the more i'm NEVER EVER GOING TO READ IT.

Sorry. It's a brain thing.


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I have some more followers now and have mostly settled into my mastodon self.

Generally I post about , , regarding the MSP area, and , but from a pro-market and pro federation of peoples/larger groups are fine actually perspective and mental health stuff about and or with food and sensory issues.

Sometimes there are dog pics and home renovation stuff. Enjoy!

re: phimby stuff 

@britvulcan One specific instance where this philosophy has failed is in San Francisco. On one side, there are the home owners who profit massively from the catastrophic housing supply problem there and lobby intensely against any housing at all being built, and then there's what is ostensibly the liberal wing of the city's political structure, which demands that any new housing must have as much public/affordable housing as possible included.

While ostensibly ideologically opposed, the two political blocs combine to completely stall any development whatsoever, driving cost of housing ever upwards.


intra-left criticism 

@ewankeep Anyways, rhetorically, shoot for the god-damned moon, but agree to go to orbit. Then keep pushing for why the moon is good and we should go. If you can't make it to the moon on the first shot, don't eat your allies that want to go to orbit or you'll be staying on the ground forever.

reasons why this socialist doesn't go to dsa meetings 

building coalitions with people who don't agree with you 100% in order to achieve policy goals is good actually.

also i'm a yimby and apparently acknowledging that legalizing more housing means supply might go up and prices might go down is not enough even tho i also want social housing, but don't think phimby-ism will help our current, present, and pressing housing issues because the federal govt has rules/ no$ for building social homes.

food +, interesting food experience 

So, doritos is now making Spicy Nachos (tm), and they are very good. But eating pretzels immediately after desperately makes me want a spicy nachos version of munchies.


made dinner, now i'm enjoying a couple candy lemon drops and they are sooo goood.

I'm just bad at time and also not blurting out things I'm excited about ok

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Tfw you have gotten the perfect birthday present for someone and now you have to wait like 2 months to give it to them bc birthdays are a specific day of the year for some reason.

This has always been an ADHD account. I do make the rules.

adhd -> insomnia 

I would like to be able to get off the couch now and go to bed, but my executive dysfunction is being a fucking bitch.

From Birbsite 

Becky would like to talk to a manager, RIGHT NOW. #chicken

Work (+ I guess??) 

Got a work done at the last minute that might bump me up to Good Numbers for the week. Yay? Also got timesheets done before day off on monday.

But am also nauseated and feeling like shit. So, yay me for doing the thing while that's ongoing.

Yeeterus, mh, chronic pain (-) 

Having a bad chronic pain sparked depression day.

Was talking to a friend about it and like.. their straightforwardness was.. too much. Like. Cool, yep, just go demand stuff. Super cant right now, thanks.

I know what I need to do. It's just kinda too much right now.

Bloomers the dog, gross, intestinal parasites, dogs are omnivores 

sometimes dogs hunt and reduce the surplus bunny/vole/mouse population. It happens. *shrug*

sometimes those animals have worms and give the worms to the puppo.

hopefully the dog won't give us worms. sigh.

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Bloomers the dog, gross, intestinal parasites, dogs are omnivores 

Welp, Bloomers went to the vet this morning bc we found a worm fluke on her butt. So now she gets to have the good de-worming meds.

Darn dogs eating prey animals.

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