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Yeeterus recovery thread, medical tmi at times 

Welp, first vom of recovery. Boo. And just after I took pain pills (ibproufen) too. So took a little more but not much.

Am cold. Have heating pad and helpful partners :blobcattransheart:

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Decolonizing my White Brain: A thread for white folk 

This thread is for myself and other white folk to share things we read and ways we can confront and deal with our Whiteness and work towards Anti-Racism.

I am white. I was raised to be racist by my white parents. I am trying to be anti-racist. I'm gonna fail sometimes. This thread is for me to connect with myself and other white folk to read work by Black authors and activists and work on our shit.

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Head's up.
If you want to recommend something to me, just mention it offhand and something you liked about it.

The more you push the more i'm NEVER EVER GOING TO READ IT.

Sorry. It's a brain thing.


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I have some more followers now and have mostly settled into my mastodon self.

Generally I post about , , regarding the MSP area, and , but from a pro-market and pro federation of peoples/larger groups are fine actually perspective and mental health stuff about and or with food and sensory issues.

Sometimes there are dog pics and home renovation stuff. Enjoy!

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Curiosity Poll for Medicated ADHD folks :boost_ok: 

If you have ADHD and take stimulants to help mitigate its negative impacts in your work:

How's your executive function these days?

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child death, but positive news? still a very heavy topic but it's a good development 


My husband is a pharmacist and pointed out that this also impacts the ability of doctors to safely anesthetize some patients, because sometimes they need to use a paralytic and if they can test for this enzyme they can have a much better chance of predicting how well their patient will recover

but also


I hope this brings some small measure of peace to parents blaming themself for the loss of an infant to SIDS. Because it wasn't that the mattress was wrong or there was a blanket nearby or whatever whatever because blankets don't fuck up obscure baby brain enzymes

it's a fucking enzyme thing

And I read this research was at least partially crowdfunded too, so we can maybe add another tally to the Seizing The Means Of Research Production victory column.

Hennepin county, :awoo: sirens have stopped, but the storm is still heading our way, stay in your basement space for a while yet.

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HCMC charged me $400 for a 10-minute phone call with my doctor. And they're holding to that charge.

Don't go to HCMC.

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Announcer voice: This has been a test of the mspsocial's :awoo: service. If you have gotten a local awoo, you can count on your tootbuddies to awoo to you should there be an actual riot, curfew, tornado, or road closure due to frozen spuds on the highway. Have a nice day. The sun is out! This was just a test.

My covid 

It’s still here. And I feel not great.

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Happy May Day to laborers and witches alike.

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please remember that a covid test only tells you if you *have* covid. it does not tell you "you don't have covid" with a negative result. it only says "you have covid" with a positive.

the math theory behind this is "test specificity". it's the exact same issue as pregnancy tests.

Covid Timeline 

4/15 Possible known exposure at an outdoor unmasked bonfire/party
4/17 saw family
4/18 MIL called to let us know she was sick
4/19 kiddo had symptoms, including fever/elevated temp and cough
4/22 start to feel a little under the weather
4/23 tested family, kiddo tested positive, everybody else negative
4/24 wife tests positive
4/23-4/26 test daily, all negative, am symptomatic with a dry cough and misery
4/27 congestion sets in, husband and i both test positive for the first time

Finally tested positive this morning after testing negative for four days. Just, fyi folks, those false negatives can be very common.

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Now on day 5 of covid, and the congestion is kicking in.

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goes and spends 90 minutes on housing advocacy. sees a "all's quiet" post from admin. Hmmmm.

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solidarity toot for all other instance admins and mods this week

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