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Decolonizing my White Brain: A thread for white folk 

This thread is for myself and other white folk to share things we read and ways we can confront and deal with our Whiteness and work towards Anti-Racism.

I am white. I was raised to be racist by my white parents. I am trying to be anti-racist. I'm gonna fail sometimes. This thread is for me to connect with myself and other white folk to read work by Black authors and activists and work on our shit.

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FYI: i joke about :guillotine: and :trebuchet: much like other leftists.

But actual premeditated violence or murderous intent makes me deeply uncomfortable bc I've been to that place and hate it. So uhh. Not on my TL plz/I may trust you less. And if you think there isn't a difference between self defense and premeditated "self defense" plz think again.

In conclusion: punch don't kill nazis.

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Head's up.
If you want to recommend something to me, just mention it offhand and something you liked about it.

The more you push the more i'm NEVER EVER GOING TO READ IT.

Sorry. It's a brain thing.


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I have some more followers now and have mostly settled into my mastodon self.

Generally I post about , , regarding the MSP area, and , but from a pro-market and pro federation of peoples/larger groups are fine actually perspective and mental health stuff about and or with food and sensory issues.

Sometimes there are dog pics and home renovation stuff. Enjoy!

Image description of meme with intra-left criticism 


Meme format:
the comrades strong grasp meme

Left strong arm, black man in white t-shirt labeled:
"Leftists who refuse to vote for Biden"

Right strong arm, white man in red t-shirt labeled:
"Trump supporters who refuse to wear a mask"

Clasped hands:
"Refusing to do the bare minimum to contain the spread of something horrible because they don't like liberals telling them what to do and think consequences aren't real"

new count day for work 

i got two works done. woot.

NY registered voters: In-person early voting starts tomorrow and runs through November 1. It's a little different than other states. Check with your county board of elections to find out polling places and times.

minneapolis arsons 

@densetsu I'm just going to keep posting these for the fediverse armchair pundits who presume to know that communities blaming destruction on "outside agitators" are disempowering local community action and not... correctly and precisely identifying what's happening where they live.

All songs are written
by Dolly Parton, except
where indicated

Debate #2 

Trump - manages to control his impulsive talking over people for 18/90 mins. Then repeatedly loses his shit, and thinks he's the best thing for Black folk in the country since Lincoln.

Biden - Drug problems need to be solved by healthcare not prisons. We will fight climate change by investing in renewable energy (and electric cars, bleh) and ending subsidies to gas/oil companies. and banning fracking *on federal land*

bunch of other shit but that's the stuff that stuck out to me.

MN weather 

The sky is telling me that if the :awoo: sirens go off I should immediately head to the basement. The yellow is *wrong* but I hear tell it's from the Colorado wild fires so ... should be fine.

Once more, we have arrived in the season where everyone finds me annoying because I love the snow and they don't.

Snow!!! :ice_pride: :blobcatbongo:

Weather in 55419: STAY HOME the snow is a lot and wants to hurt you.

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I feel like this storm is just too big and obvious for the normal mspsocial weather alerts.

Yeeterus, update, yelling 

I find it really frustrating that basically every doc i've talked to is like "oh you're trans* ? you should talk to the gender docs at the U, we don't do trans stuff" and I'm just like BITCH WHY DO ALL THE TRANS FOLK HAVE TO GO THRU A BOTTLENECK FOR MEDICAL HELP????

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Yeeterus, update 

Scheduling to check for medical issues. Then, if not, on to UoM for gender shit.

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Have my first "we should yeet(?)" Appointment today. Super nervous. But at least it got moved to 1pm instead of 330pm. So just another hour or so until I need to start leaving the house.

Work today is.. hard to do.

uspol, voting 

Someone I know in Georgia tells a story of going to vote early, seeing a big line, asking how long people had been waiting. One of the people in the line shouted "Four years!" and damn if that ain't a mood.

i'm starting a group for trans and nonbinary and otherwise gendery farmers, land people, food people, etc. it's focused on southwest Wisconsin, and right now is a Facebook private group but will expand eventually. DM me if interested.

Good morning, friends 🌅 #sky

30°F/-1°C outside this morning.

making straight people have to choose 'other' and write it in is praxis

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