Maybe i swear like a sailor because every "mild" negative language is ableist.

I thought something similar when that politician got in trouble for saying somebody "would monkey things up." My dad says that, because he doesn't say "fuck things up." But it turns out it's racist! So better to just say fuck really.

@hollyamory Yep, fucking shit up with my language everyday means i get to avoid ableist words like dumb, stupid, lame, etc.

@hollyamory but it also means that I need more words so that i can express milder frustrations and annoyances. It's super annoying to write out one of those and then go, how do i replace this? and just... not have anything? Except shit or shitty.

@britvulcan @hollyamory i try to go for crappy, ridiculous. so many words have less obvious connotations, like silly meaning foolish meaning ??. "bunk" came to mind, but that has some sort of history as well

have you seen lydia brown's list of alternate terms?

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