I want to thank @CharlesDickens and @firewally for giving us this ad hoc book club

@CharlesDickens @firewally could we pick a different author next time tho.. this one is a bit confusing. lol

@britvulcan @CharlesDickens Definitely open to suggestions! There are a couple features of A Christmas Carol that makes it work well in this hyper-serialized format, but there are probably other books that would work even better

I kinda hate Dickens but he is well suited to this hyper-serialization because of how dense his writing is. Look at how much @britvulcan and others and I had to say about like two words fell one toot.

And A Christmas Carol is a nice (relatively) short and pretty familiar story for us so we can follow the plot even when we miss toots here and there.

It's a really genius idea! Will it be done by Christmas?

@hollyamory @britvulcan Dense or concise, 2 ways of saying the same thing I guess, but many paragraphs were already <500 characters.

If I did my math right, we should wrap up some time on the 25th or 26th

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