So, the gif nature of some of our emojis does not show up on mobile as far as i know and only recently shows up for me on desktop 'cause i turned "autoplay" to on. I still don't want to auto-play videos? but the emojos are cool.

@hollyamory two of four i posted @ you are gifs actually. :rainbowdance: is bouncy and does a rainbow color shift and side flip with each bounce. :valid_lgbt: also does a rainbow. :hamsterdance: does like a pirouette/circle dance. :blobtantrum: uses its arms to beat the air in a tantrum-like manner. :gopherspin: also rotates but in the opposite direction of hamster. :skol: has a scrolling "skooool" thing going on. :party_parrot: does like a bird head/shoulders dance. That's all i think?

@hollyamory Oh, party bird also changes color form pink to teal-ish during its dance groove. hamster rotates clockwise (as from above) gopher rotates anticlockwise.

Thank you for putting the time in to explaining this for me. 💛

@hollyamory ABSOLUTELY!! I think these are cool, but like anytime we use gifs for emojis we have to remember that any meaning we assign to the gif part that isn't visible in the still image is going to be completely lost for a good chunk of folks. Let alone the use of emojis at all. I'm just glad most of them retain their meaning regardless, except skol really loses out.

@hollyamory Also, most of these got cuter? but especially blob rainbow. It's like a little cheer buddy. Except gopher is now super duper five nights at freddy's type creepy to me, and the bird is kinda .. aggressively rave-ing?

@britvulcan @hollyamory (yeah, Party Parrot is obnoxious enough that it’s been banned on at least one Slack workspace I’m on because it sucks for people with epilepsy and/or heightened photosensitivity)

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