house saga(+/-) 

Bright side, insurer was already out here, ice dam guys have time today/early tomorrow, water mitigation guys are also ready to go soon, and our regular contractor has the time and is willing to do the restoration work if i do the harranguing of the insurance company.

On the other hand, I HAD OTHER THINGS I WAS GOING TO DO TODAY. arrrgh/cry.


house saga(+/-), mold :< 

My office wall is gone, the insulation is gone, there is mold. I am sad. But yay insurance.

house saga(-), mold :< 

Pic of office. Also the living room ceiling is gonna get torn apart. Wheeee.

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house saga(+), mold :< 

But they'll probably be done before 5pm. :heart_pan:


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house saga(+), mold :< 

Another bright side doggo is being very chill since we are both sequestered in the bedroom.

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house saga(+), why the basement isn't flooding 

So, we had bad basement flooding a couple years ago and we installed permeable paving in the side yard and friends that stuff works.

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